sum debate game

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How it's done:
I'm not going to say what a debate is anymore

I'm going to say what the topic is at the end of this post, but that doesn't mean this is the only topic, i will check back regularly and sometimes change the subject of the debate (usually the topics are just nonsense)

Let's say that there is red side and blue side
Person 1(red side):blue is bad
Person 2: red is bad (the side you are in will be determined by the one who answered before you, if the latest person who responded was a red guy, you're the blue guy next)

Alright heres some rules
>"What you see here, what you do here, when you leave here, let it stay here." Don't take anything too seriously, we don't want a fight that arises in-game just because of this game
>stay on the road, don't get off-topic. don't mention anything about the one who gave his/her statement, we're not talking about the person who gives their opinion, only the opinion itself.

the topic now:
Should deep forest trunks be really coloured green or not?

We'll start with the anti-green trunks (you can get as verbose as you want or as funny as you want, i don't care lmao)

(please just delete this if there is already one)


  • It would look like polka tree trunks if they were not coloured in green. You might say they could have created another version of a normal tree trunk, but the forest leaves are bigger, so they needed to put larger trunks.. So ye
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