Dark Shadow Palace (new course)

My brand new parkour is finally done: Dark Shadow Palace. This time i made this course a little different from the rest of my parkours, this course has NO CHECKPOINTS! (There is a reason why there are none and you will find out when you play).

Yes, this time there are prizes, but the prizes are all dark themed (kinda), but most of the prizes are noob stuff. I didnt have lots of money left over because i used a lot of it to make the course. Most the prizes are cowls and tutus (all colored black) but the best prizes are for those who finish the course first. The very first person to win will get an Iron Mask! Other "fine" prizes are gargoyle mask, invisible cloak, black wizard hat, and 5 welding masks, and then the cowls and tutu. Eh

I worked extra hard on this course, and this course shouldn't be too hard, so i hope you all like it and enjoy your time playing this course!


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