Sound Pack

QuackersQuackers Member
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I made this sound pack if you wanna download and use it:
(There are loud sounds, this was made as a joke) some sounds are really good, some of them are Nolana's (jump sounds, accelo, pigs, reindeer nose, and select noise in the inventory) I think everything else was of my work, not sure.
Most of the sounds are joke sounds, and kinda loud-ish.


  • icantiwillicantiwill Member
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    Could someone record this? Sadly i never play on a pc cause i hate controls on it.
  • Sir. PixelSir. Pixel EnglandMember
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    It’s on my channel @iCantiWill it’s quackers’ sound pack I recorded
  • QuackersQuackers Member
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    I added more sounds, the register has a sound/buy sound from c store. The stomp has a sound, nuke as well, knockback wand collision. Sit sound.
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