Community Events, A Thank You

I want to extend a thank you to the devs for community events and Space for being the tool that brings them to life. The events are more than just a chance to win prizes they are a healthy addition to CC. I can not speak for everyone but each time I have done an event I met wonderful people and had a good time. Watching people aid and cheer for one another is a wonderful sight to behold. The events give a way for us to adventure out of our safe zones to meet others. It gives a feel of a positive community that is often missing. Thank you!


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    Words wouldn't be enough for it. Thank you, Fetus and others that took responsibility. Put "winning" and "losing" aside, it's sad to see many people are fighting for prizes, events are fun. Thanks.
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    He said it all. Ima just say ty then. Ty!

    Just kidding. Uhhhh. *Thinks*
    When I see that there is an event happening, I don't get excited to win a prize (cause I never do), I get excited cause PARKOURS ARE NO LONGER FREE. Not entirely true, but it's getting there. Puzzles like this past one are insanely fun, and I hope we have way more like it. If was different from the murder mystery, where everyone could just sit in one room, and lag out the whole place. It was amazing. However, it was kinda short and I understand that was just due to lack of time, but please make a long one! One that will take me a couple days to complete, and then I do it a couple times over. Something to last me through the week. Thanks! And great job!
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    Thank you fetus, for making this game very worthwhile. The entire time I was doing the Summer Building Contest, I was cheering everyone else on. Even if I didn't end up winning, I still hoped that someone else would. Thank you fetus, for taking time out of your day, your life, to give us great events :)
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    Indeed - thanks for all the hard work to do these events regularly. When I first heard about an Events Manager, I expected something maybe monthly. To do something new nearly weekly (or every couple of weeks) is impressive as I can imagine how time consuming it is to make the builds for each of these events (especially when you have been running events concurrently like the race league AND doing the community events AND having seasonal building contests, etc).

    Thanks for the dedication to the community, despite the whining, complaining and general snarkiness from so many. Just know there are others of us that might not be as vocal that truly appreciate these events and all the hard work that goes into creating them. We appreciate how it is bringing the community into a central location for a unified goal. We appreciate how much effort it is to take time away from your real life family and friends to provide opportunities of enjoyment and entertainment for this virtual community of friends. Thanks for all you are doing to make CC great!
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    It’s amazing as beachy stated that there’s a new event nearly every week, thank you space for your hard work and dedication :D
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    I couldn't agree more! The events have added new life to this game and like Grey said, it's nice to see people cheering each other on and meeting new people. I have made so many new friends at the events. If anyone wants to see the positive side of CC just go cheer someone on and watch what happens. Don't do the events to win something...that is a nice bonus for some but the real prize is meeting new people and finding that CC has a great community hiding in rooms, realms and mines. It's amazing what can happen when you focus on and contribute to the positive side of things, not only in the game but in real life.

    So, thank you Space for all of your hard work, imagination and creativity. You are making a difference and helping to bring us all together :D
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    couldn't have said it better
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    *Zoddy* said:

    couldn't have said it better

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    Thanks Space and Devs!
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    They sure did a great job! Keep it up!
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    Making sure @space_fetus sees this discussion.
    I know it may seem like the community is a bunch of greedy, whiny people when it comes to events. And it is true, some people are like that. But for the most part, we are all very grateful for your steady and continuous work on the events. Thanks :)
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    Thank you!!
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