Summer Building Contest 2018 (OFFICIAL EVENT) RESULTS!!!

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Summer Building Contest 2018

Congratulations to everyone who entered you all did a spectacular job and made judging this very very hard work!
To everyone who pitched in to judge this contest a big thank you as well, you were all very prompt and i'm surprised we have the results to release all ready!
The results were very close, some of you were literally one point away from the top five! It was very interesting seeing the judges choices everyone had a very different idea of what a good build was and i think this made for a very fair competition.
I am very pleased with the idea of the summer getaway builds, some of you built amazing beach themes and some people expressed a dream holiday or a place their family visits in summer! We had ski holidays and cold places,mountains and forests and even a few tourist attractions. Thank you for your wonderful signs explaining the not so summer builds it was a great insight and an interesting read.
I hope you all had a great time taking part!


1st Place Lucaaa795 - 500,000 cubits and a rainbow beach umbrella
Lucaaa would love to be in a tiny cage surrounded by sharks for his summer :o

2nd Place Aura - 300,000 cubits and a rainbow beach umbrella
Aura has a love for the safari!

3rd Place NoeNt - 150,000 cubits and a rainbow beach umbrella
Noe Likes nothing more than to find a quiet place to fish.

4th Place Bluejay_1 - 75,000 cubits and a rainbow beach umbrella
Bluejay dreams of visiting the clock tower big ben in London!

5th Place Mr.Granicus - 50,000 cubits and a rainbow beach umbrella
Mr.Granicus is throwing himself out of helicopters for his summer thrills!

Player items and cubits

The building realms are currently locked while the builds are archived to be added to the building contest museum!
Once this is done you will be able to revisit your plot and get back your blocks and cubits.
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