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Hello, welcome to you! Some players have been, for a few days / weeks, building parkours to entertain and train Qbees! 6 parkours are expected to be done! Each representing each mine. These contain prizes, so be sure to check them out!

All the parkours have been tested and DO NOT require any perk to be done.
You can find them all at Sir. Pixel's Parkour Lobby.

The Wilderness

Built by : Sir. Pixel / JackFury

Difficulty :

Arid Oasis

Built by : Sir. Pixel / -Joystick-

Diffculty :

Withered Peaks

Built by : Sir. Pixel

Diffculty :

A mailbox is available at the end of each parkour to get the thoughts of challengers! As well, a guestbook bumper is present at the end.

We wish you good luck! And have fun =)


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