Just A Couple Of Ideas

NolanaNolana USAGame Moderator
I was thinking about the NPC issue, and what a pain it would be to add actual npcs to the game. Currently what we have is mannequins with signs on their heads. But then, I realized my only issue was the appearance of the signs. So as a suggestion, can we have two more signs, one that looks like a thought bubble and another that looks like a speech bubble? I think that'd be a good compromise between npcs like in the adventure realm, and the mannequins we're already using.

My other idea is just another couple of bumpers, a color bumper that just randomly cycles through six colors (good for team creating) and a bumper that cycles through the alphabet. The latter would be good for making large signs that can be seen from far away without have to do pixel art... or playing scrabble or something :P


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