Natural Resources Chart for The Miners!

Well, guys, since I started out on this game, 'till even now, I've always mined, and sold natural resources. It's an industry that never ceases, and it's time it had a little growth.
To make it easier on you guys getting started, I, with the help of my dear friend @Liberated , have developed a chart for you to easily setup and organize your prices on any natural resources. You're free to make your own copy of this chart and edit it as necessary.
And please, if you have any suggestions or corrections I can add, please let me know in the comments. Thanks!
Good luck, guys. Mine on.

Resources Chart:


  • Looks cool. Thanks!
  • Issa good chart. <3
  • As a miner I do applaud your effort on this. It would be a great thing if not for us people who are color blind and the second thing...wait for it.....Dude its summer and this is more like a school thingy. :) But seriously, thanks for thinking of the noobs.
  • PiousPious Member
    @Intimate I could make adjustments for colorblindness if you could let me know what colors it is you have trouble with (there are quite a few types of colorblindness). But you're welcome.
  • Good idea! I like it, especially because i mine heaps too. It used to be my favourite thing
  • PiousPious Member
    Thanks, man. It was quite the task to create.
  • PiousPious Member
    Bump. :)
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