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  • I love all these suggestions especially the ones on the friends. I love my friends but we all have that one friend that will be with you every breathing second of the day and watch you pee if they could that just needs to no not do that but you can't be rude by saying something lol.

    oml I guess im that friend will not to u to other ppl xD ur not even on my list to annoy u
  • valleyvalley Member
    If these two things get an update I will be the happiest qbee alive lol
  • Valley said:

    If these two things get an update I will be the happiest qbee alive lol

    No, I will be the happiest qbee!
  • RyhRyh Member
    Friends option:
    - Private messages (Not the whisper).
    - Option to people don't teleport.
    Bugs:I have me added on mine friend list and i have 2 same peoples added.

    Clan option:
    - You create your clan and automatic give you a world
    - See the clan without go to the clanstone (ESC options)

    That's what i think will be good.
  • BJDwareBJDware Down underMember, Retired Moderator
    I Think everyone have already covered most of what i wanted to say upon this topic, but i'll also throw this in,
  • Coffeefreak87Coffeefreak87 Member
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    only read afew comments but i think
    - a mass way to select friends in friends list to help delete mass players as most players end up having a bunch of random players in there list
    - also i dont like the idea of a pm system in game i enjoy how its not like every other game, i dont support the private message system thats what the forums if for
    - and what people said above to have a option that u can chose if ur friends can tp u or not
    - and a search option to only search ur own friends list
    i know i didn't say anything new from people above just what i think would be good so im backing up these options
  • ALL i want for friends is a pm system
    And for clans sentries for each rank
  • I would like the option of you can add more ranks to the clan or decrease to option. Also have the option whom can access high powers in the clanstone.
    Also for the friends list it would be nice if we are able to delete friends alot quickly by a option, "Delete Multiple" where you press boxes by the side of their names to delete them.
    Just off topic but It would be excellent if the creators on the team tried introducing certain things like colored ribons that we can adjust by the side of our names.
  • friends
    see how many days they last online

    me just asking to put online players to the top of the list and not on the botom

    thats all xD
  • Deleting messages from the clanstone
  • You know what I’ve noticed about clan messages in a clan like mgn... they’re never up to date... you could make a clan message in mgn and never see it in the clan messages section... all you’ll see are really old clan messages from ages ago. I’m talking when cubesensei was an mgn member old...
  • Friends:

    -Block Tp
    -Automatically unfriends ppl not online for "Insert random time here"


    -Delete messages from clanstone
    -Anyway to inform someone about an event in the clanstone messages (cause if its by broadcast not every clan member is on)
    -clan member sentry
  • Allow us to have more friends and get rid of the feature that deletes random people off your friends list if u have to manny friends. Why not like a warning that ur getting close to the max nummber.

    For clan idk, clans just seem boring to me since its just a name above your qbee. Mabe spice it up and add to it to make it look more special.
  • ValyreenaValyreena Member
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    Wrong discussion :) carry on- “ edited “
  • Pretty much all of what I would've said has been said before. XD

    But what I would be interested in is possibly seeing a friend's previous names, as mentioned before. It can be very hard to know who is who, when nametags are giving them new identities! Also I like the idea of when they're last active, and the idea of creating a profile for each qbee, as we do have the profile button! Then it can get annoying when you need to speak to a friend asap, but can't because they're in a locked realm. So some of message system would definitely be useful. =)

    I would have clan suggestions, but I'm usually either clanless nowadays, or a part of an inactive clan. :P
  • ZerikZerik Member

    -Allow friends to teleport:
    A new option that can be turned on or off.

    -Trusted Friend List:
    only player on that list can teleport you if the Friends Teleport is yurned off.

    -Delete All friends:
    By clicking this button you will delete all your friends except the ones on the Trusted Friend List.


    -More Clan Levels!
    -Clan Games:
    We always wanted this, there will be an official realm built by a mod or an admin, and every 1 week all clan leaders and members will go in that realm. In this realm they can Challenge Other Clans in games ( wand fight, car races, parkours, ball games... ). By winning these games the clan can collect points and there will be in this realm an item named: Point Collector, where each member can give their points for cubits, example: 1 point = 500 Cubits and 100 clan xp.
    The max number of point you can earn in the Clan Day its 5. ( 2500c total and 500 clan xp ), its not a lot but who cares, these games will be fun ;)
  • Now I got All My suggestions in clans and friends :D

    1. Know how many days/months /years they are last online
    2. see all friend list by new icon "next"
    3. identify how many years/days/months a friend playing
    4. Private message even you are not in the same realm. You just need to send message in the option button
    5. can do trade even you are in different realm by using the option button

    1. The Online clan members are on the top
    2. arranged clan member list
    3. iconed on the top like clan members, clan messages, and clan options. But i want to add Online members.
    4. know how many days clan members last online
    5. know how many days/years/months they playing
    6. clan sentry
    7. at realm set up clan members only
    8. can accept or decline the clan summoning
    9. new clan decos
    10. new clan ranks
    11. costumized clan ranks and permissions like vice leader permissions: invite members but cant kick and promote members whose lower than his rank.
    12. increase clan xp limit. limit today is 5k make it 10 or 20k :D

    Thats all I think :D
  • Wade PrevossWade Prevoss Member
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    Here's Mine boi...

    Personal Message
    On/off teleportation
    Separation of Online friends and offline Friends.

    System Message on chatbox
    Clan Sentry for Members/Each Rank Also
    Expand Exp Clan each Level
    Separate Ranks/Ex. 1st rank here. 2nd Rank here.
    Search tab
    Welcome Message for New Joiners
    Changeable Name Color
    Warning Points system
  • CD87CD87 Member
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    Sounds promising, I hope the updates can be implemented soon.

    About the friend list, I'd personally like to have all of my friends shown in the list instead of just the 200 most active ones, since I can't visit the realms owned by those that were gone for years.
  • BJDwareBJDware Down underMember, Retired Moderator
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    Here is a thought.
    Having a "teleport to realm" button upon a friends profile. One that will send you to their Favorited realm.
    @CD87 made me think of it, as i would love to revisit some of my retired friends realms. Or just stalk the current ones xD
  • flamerockflamerock Member
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    Stopping certain people from teleporting to you
    Deleting multiple friends quickly
    Cancelling/Undoing deleting friends

    More promotion choices (7-10)
    Even promotion choices (Example 3 on tier 2) if needed to explain just ask
    Self promotion: Set how much of a certain items is needed in clan stone, getting it will promote you.
    Option to teleport to clan teleportations: I could be mining and then I'm randomly teleported.
  • GalantisGalantis Member, Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
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    a button that you can have with you to leave the clan.

    many players are stuck in a clan.

    what they do most to be clan-free
    - seek their own clanstone to leave it.
    - they take part in a clan to be able to leave it.

    a button would help a lot.

    I thought of only clan leaders can hide their clan tag?
    and more clan rank as much as you want. :D

  • AuTiMaTICAuTiMaTIC Member
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    Req: Delete this comment
  • JackFuryJackFury Member
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    Another important note:
    If you can disable Fast Travel so people can't teleport to you, you should be able to add a message when you turn it off.
    For example: "Sorry, working on a secret project right now. I will be available again in 1 hour."
    If you try to teleport to someone who has disabled Fast Travel, you get the same popup as normal (like if you teleport to someone in Adventure Mode, it says "This person is either offline or in an Adventure realm"), but instead it displays their message. Of course there's a character limit like normal, but this would be incredibly useful. Like really, really, useful.
  • Quite small....
    Being a clan leader, it's common to add clan members... It would be nice to distinguish clan members from other friends when viewing the friends list. Maybe a small symbol beside a name or something that's symbolic meaning clan related.
  • SirKewberthSirKewberth EdenForum Administrator, Forum Moderator, Game Developer
    Lots of good discussion. Thanks. Hopefully we can bring some of these improvements to the game.
  • b3achyb3achy Member
    Ability to toggle if they can teleport to you (option to select all friends or to select just specific friends to toggle)
    Ability to label friends - acquaintances, close friends, trusted friends, etc. so you can give them different permissions in realms / teleporting / pm-ing.
    Ability to make friends trusted in a realm without them being there.
    Ability to ban players from a realm without them being there (for those people that you come across in game and can tell they are jerks, so you don't want them visiting your realms)
    Ability to see a mini-profile (when hovering over name, or as additional fields in the friends table) that includes: when the friend last played, what realm they are currently in, what level they are, how long they've been playing the game.
    Ability to fast jump to main realms if your friend is in a room off the realm with restrictions.
    Ability to PM a friend when in a separate realm.
    Ability to toggle getting PMs from friends, if you really really really want to be left alone.
    Ability to send a gift to a friend (like trade, but with nothing in return) even when not in the same realm (unless mail already allows for this).
    Would be nice to have in game player profiles, so you can see: player level, perks they've gotten (maybe an overall number and a list of the last three obtained), home realm name, other realms owned, latest picture of the player's outfit, realm/mine/location they were last seen in, how long they've been playing the game, when they were last in game...which provides a little bit of information about another player before friending.

    Ability to join more than one clan (or have groups in addition to clans, it would be nice to be able to form groups of friends for different things - race leagues, social, mining group, etc - and be able to have a group chat).
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