Block Wishlist

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Devs, please forget about hats for a bit and focus more on the building aspect of the game. All we get is hats, hats, hats, and a couple shirts, but not enough blocks for a building game (hmm)
Here's my block wishlist:
Silver Bricks: Just like gold bricks. 4 silver blocks + hammer
Sculpty Snow, Mountain, Tropical Grass, Glass, Water, Cobblestone, Fancy Road, Gold Block, Silver Block, Mountain Grass, Plaster (all colors). This is just a short list of the next in line that need to become sculpties. Would be nice to at least have sculpty versions of all the natural blocks.
All colors of sofas, not just "red" (pink) and blue
Red Lantern (not the "red" one we have that's pink, but actual bright red)
Wooden Lantern
Kerosene Lantern
Granite Block, stairs and pillars
Diamond, Ruby, and Emerald Pillars
Golden Candelabra
Golden Gargoyle (or another statue design)
Yellow Bricks
Rug (comes in all colors, is kinda like Persian Rug but it's a stereotype pattern)
Sunflower (uncommon deco that's found in forest mines)
Bush (an actual bush, not a forest tree top placed on the ground)
Shrub (a neatly trimmed, perfect cube bush)
Gold, silver, and iron fences
Seashells (deco that can be found in tropical mines)
Manure (yes, literally a pile of poop. Dropped by pigs, used to make fertilizer for faster crop growth)
Carpet Block (comes in beige, light brown, gray, and yellow)
Tile Floor Block
White Tile Block
Wall-mounted TV (3x2 blocks wide, 1/4 a block thick, doesn't actually show anything. Just a blank black screen)
Green Tent (unless this is already gonna come out in the Summer Lots. 2 blocks long, 1 block tall and wide. Is purely for deco)
Laminated Wood Floor (like new wood blocks but shinier and smoother)
House plant (a tiny tree that can go in a pot)

Other things I really wish we had:
Make qbees lay down when on beds.
Make stone block, clay block, and concrete textures MERGE and CONNECT instead of looking like a bunch of separate blocks with borders. You guys did it with things like mountain and cave lava cracks, can't you fix these textures too? Please?


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