Help me pls!! :P

MarioMario2.0MarioMario2.0 Member
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Right.. how do u level up pets again?? I seem to forgot how to level them up from my inactivity..


  • MotivationMotivation Member
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    You feed them pet treats then you mine / craft / build. The pet treat only lasts 1 hour or so. After about an hour, you will have to feed your pet again (You will notice Spoon and Fork sign in the pet xp bar if it's unfed). If you don't feed your pet while grinding, your pet won't gain xp.
  • RarixRarix Member
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    You can buy sausages in the cubit store > pets section. Don't forget to split sausages when you buy them. Give one sausage and start mining, building, crafting.
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