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Hi guys! Now im selling some resources.

Iron 10/c Stock 1000 Irons
Coal 15/c Stock 1000 Coals
Sand 20/c Stock 2000 Sands
Dirt 20/c Stock 1000 Dirts
Stone 10/c Out Of Stock
Silver 5/c Stock 200 Silvers
Gold 5/c Out Of Stock

Take rest for being miner. 2 weeks.

And of course. You can order resources, and I will gonna find it :)

I dont have a Vending Machine.



  • After LiteRary and senpai_pembunuh: order. I will take a rest for 2 weeks :)
  • Bump! Sand now available! If you want to buy just add me in game. I dont have any vending machine.

    Reminder: I will not available as "Miner" for 2 weeks, but you can buy my resources.

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