Mature Gamers Server

Mature Gamers Server

Welcome to Mature Gamers Server's invite thread!

Whats Mature Gamers Server (MGS)?

MGS is a Mature Gamers Server! We are a proud P1 server! MGS has an amazing staff team! We have reached over 50 members (excluding bots)!!

Rules (Discord and Forums)

Rule of MGS
::::::::::: Text Rules ::::::::::::

1 No bullying.
2 No arguing with staff!
3 No inappropriate images, memes, or jokes outside of #nsfw
4 No mini-modding!
5 No cussing!
6 Don't spam!
7 Follow all staff instructions!
8 Stay safe -- Don't ask for or share sensitive personal information
9: Age 13+ -- Be, sound, act 13+.
10 No Toxicity: Drama and people being rude are not allowed.
11 No Discord Advertising, unless is a real P1 server, because we are a P1 company
12 Names should be appropriate
13 Racial slurs are not allowed.

::::::::::: Voice Rules ::::::::::

1 No yelling, shouting, or cussing

I will restate this rule, MGS & P1 ARE 13+ SERVERS!!

Whats more to say! Come on down to MGS! MGS also has its own website and forums!

Discord Link:
Website Page (MGS forums are on there! Split your username in half!):


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