Start At Home bug

When a person clicks start at home he she will be invisible, when a friend tp's to that person, you will not see the owner who was in that realm that clicks start at home.
The owner should use the lobby bumper to be visible on that owners realm.


  • Similiar thing happens to me; I have also experienced that, when clicked on "Start at home" button, you also may crash.
  • Im on phone, the other people who will tp you will not see you. If you click start at home
  • I just tried it and it worked. I asked someone else to tp me when I press start at home and both of us couldn't see each other nor read messeges of each other although we were in the same realm. Nice find med xD
  • Yan-yanYan-yan Member
    edited June 2018
    it's not actually a bug
    sometimes start at home is working sometimes not
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