Ability to move control position

So, i have this problem on my phone since I bought it. Everytime the phone sleeps, I would open it but after I click on the chat the three main buttons will popup on the sides, blocking my jump and camera keys. Its not a big deal before but after the update the buttons became smaller and thats when my controls became so hard to click because I can only see half of the buttons.


For Mobile Users

There must be a settings to position the jump, wand, and camera to another place like move it a little left or allign it horizontally.


  • agreed! +1
  • RarixRarix Member
    Well, they said we'll be able to size the buttons in the next update. Why not, this too.
  • My screen is also like that. The weird thing is that when I play other games it hides itself but when I play cc it always stay there until I remove it.
  • sir.darkkingsir.darkking Member
    edited June 2018
    yes, i habe that problem in Android :,v imposible parkours xd i need use pc to win xd
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