Suggestions :D

i would suggest this thing. would be nice

Aquarium,Aquarium with fish(need to Craft. put fish and Aquarium on Craft table)

Animal on mines:
Fish(welp.. i hope they add FishingRoad this for cacth fish :)

New mines !:
Sea mine. for fish :v

New Stamp :
Space Stamp.(when you use its on ur realm its will make you floating.and Sandstorm

Pets :
Unicorn pet ( when its lv 50 its will pop out rainbow thing from tail)

ok just that my suggestion :D


  • Deco : +1
    Mobs : why not, lag incoming maybe
    Mine : No, just look in tropical mines =)
    Stamp : uhhhhh -1
    Pet : +99999999999999999999999999999999999999
  • Dude, a 100 +1s on the Space Stamp! That's genius!

    And the Fish. Well, I've suggested that once before and -1 on the animals. Just feels wrong. The unicorn pet though. +1.
  • hm
  • Overall great things, although I don't think I'll like sandstorm I enjoy the concept.
  • Alvin!Alvin! Member
    All +1,
    The "sea mine" will at the ocean of world map , maybe we get some coral for deco?
    not just the pink one , maybe seaweed
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