Space_Fetus' Murder Mystery (OFFICIAL EVENT) RESULTS!!!

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Space_Fetus' Murder Mystery

So the murder mystery is over the detectives have hunted high and low for clues and have hopefully solved our mystery!
We wouldn't want an innocent to go down for someone else's crime would we!

So lets take a look at who said what

Evie Trowler - 65 people
Teressa Green - 123 people
Megan Prizler - 15 people
Daisy Lewis - 10 people
Deadry Puntlitz - 17 people
Rose Mcdougle - 17 people
Maud Pennywinkle - 16 people
Lizzie Lake - 35 people
Ruth Blower - 37 people
Tara Alan - 37 people
Clive Peters - 179 people
Audry Truman - 58 people
Nelly Kelly - 66 people
Patty Selma - 22 people
Noushka Bravase - 22 people
Paul Peters - 112 people
Fiona Peters - 402 people
Butler - 125 people
Courier - 17 people
Chef - 157 people
Gardener - 56 people


All this information is spread out across the books within the house some hidden and some not.
Clive Peters was murdered in his study by someone utilising the secret passage in the library.The weapon is missing and a blonde hair was found at the scene.
The Chef and Fiona Peters are found to be in love and she is planning to leaver her husband (but could she live a poor life)
Teressa Green and Paul Peters are found to be in love, there are various clues around to come to this conclusion.
Both the Butler and Clive Peters have found out about the relationship, Clive Peters fires her and sends her away.
Little does he know that his son is aware of all the secret passages under the house and hides her there.
The Butler plans to help them both run away on the morning the murder was committed.
In the kitchen a chef knife appears to be missing, this can be found in the garden. The knife appears to be clean but then it is raining...
In the tool shed a pair of shears appears to be missing but there was no sign of forced entry.
The night before the murder the gardener hears angry shouting in the garden and goes to investigate on returning he feels like someone had been inside his house.
In Fiona and Clive's bedroom a hairbrush with blonde hair can be found as well as a maid who admits that maids have a key to almost every room in the house.
Under Fiona and Clive's bedroom the shears can be found covered in blood with some matted brown hair and a note admitting guilt from Fiona Peters.
Under Teressa Greens bed can be found the tool shed key as well as a note speculating that Teressa feels that running away will not solve the problem as Clive will look for them.


Teressa Green murdered Mr Peters. When visiting the kitchen and discovering Chef and Mrs Peters she obtained a chef knife to cast blame towards them.
She used the argument in the garden as a diversion to obtain the tool shed key and stole the shears and also planted the knife in the garden.
She Then hid the key in the secret place under her bedroom.
The next night using the secret passages that Paul had shown her she gained access to the study and stabbed Clive with the shears and dragged his body into the lobby while people slept.
Knowing the wife would be with the chef in the kitchen she ventured upstairs and used her maids keys to enter the bedroom and take some blonde hair from the hairbrush. She then left the shears in the room beneath and wrote a confession note.
This note was signed F unlike all of Fiona's personal notes which were signed Fiona. She also didn't realise that she had left some brown hair on the shears of her own!
She then returned to the study and planted the blonde hair to cast further suspicion. Before finally locking the door from the inside and leaving through the secret passage.


Well done to everyone who managed to crack the case!
For 15 random people on the Teressa Green bumper will win Headlessness Masks!

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