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JackFuryJackFury Member
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I'm not gonna lie, the new home screen is really good looking. I love the aesthetics of it. But it makes me really sad, and it doesn't feel like Cubic Castles. It just doesn't feel right. I already miss the old login screen tremendously, and this new one just makes it feel like a different game entirely.
Obviously I won't ask you guys to change it back to how it was, that would be a ludicrous request and you definitely worked hard on this. But would it be possible to add a button in the settings that changes the textures back to the original? Not everyone would have to do it except us nostalgic old players who miss the original look. I don't like the new screen not because of a lack of visual appeal but because it doesn't feel like the Cubic Castles I know. Call me sentimental but I just can't make myself like a change this big ;-;
So would this be possible? @SirKewberth
Please, I'm a sad Jack ;-;


  • Mad Dog GamerMad Dog Gamer Member
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    I think Tweaks.
  • OrangeTailOrangeTail Member
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    When I saw the new home screen... I felt empty inside. I like the animation and all but it’s just whew. ‘-‘
  • JackFuryJackFury Member
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    When I saw the new home screen... I felt empty inside. I like the animation and all but it’s just whew. ‘-‘

    Yeah, I had the same feeling. It just doesn't feel right
  • MedicationsMedications Member
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    Bring back old login screens
    Choose the title screen you like on the settings, something like that
  • AJ BaryzaAJ Baryza Member
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    I like the old screen more then the new one ;-;
    But hey, the new one is cool but huh
  • kokopellikokopelli WV, USAMember
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    I’m ok with the new home screen but it’s kinda overwhelming, not as simple and straightforward as it was, no clear imphasis on just beginning the game...kinda think of it, the home screen is poorly designed now. The dev behind this what focusing more on bells and whistles of making it look cool instead of focusing on its function and purpose which is to just get into the game. But what I especially don’t like at all is the home screen/desktop icon. It’s less detailed as in a step back from what it was.
  • Cub the CubicCub the Cubic Member
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    I still like the new one better though...
  •  gdog gdog Retired Moderator
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    I think the new login screen is much better representation of the game.
    But cmon guys and gals. Its a login screen. You'll get used to it.
    It's important to move forward and in cases letting the past die.
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