What is the best thing about this game for you?

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Just think about it for a second. Why am i playing this?
I want to, right? But why???
Share your favorite feature about the game here my frens! (I'd also like to have the developer's point of view ;3 )

My opinion (but you don't care so don't read)
I think that the best thing in CC has to be the whole community behind it. It's filled with tons of people you can befriend with. It's just glorious :^D


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    I agree with you the community is great. Push aside the scammer and other negative people and you have amazing players.
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    I agree with you the community is great. Push aside the scammer and other negative people and you have amazing players.


    The best thing about this game for me are my friends. They have helped so much since my 1st scam. Even if they didn't know me then, but know me now. I am SO grateful for my friends. On fourms and ingame.
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    Friends! Building is what I gain enjoyment from and what I spend a majority of my time doing but it would not have any meaning if it was not for the people who appreciate what I build. Not only do the people who I call friends give me a reason to build they make me laugh every day. I am a bit of a different individual and in life I have been crucified for this. CC is the first time in my life where my honest self was welcomed. I love you guys ^_^!!!
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    Best thing and what has inspired me to continue playing CC, is the developers themselves.
    Not many Devs out there are interested in player opinion, or care about their games community, or care about continuously improving their game. CC Devs care a great deal.
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    I mostly play for my friends and events, @*Bluegem* @*Greengem* and @"Grandma Puffy" are my most trusted friends and I always have fun with them. And when I'm bored I can challenge myself and do space_fetus' Events :)
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    The fact that you were gone for so long but still, there are lots of friends who remembers you and waits for ya
    Cant wait to get back ^^
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    Eagence said:

    Warnings, Bans, Bugs, Drama and Scam , they are generally the best things in this game.
    There is also this new concept called Fraud where some people set raffles to reward their friends as they do fake competitions... Some youtuber's may like it alot...

    I think its highly educational thats why I play. I have never seen that much wickedness in my life, its so enjoyable...

    Besides that I play for words I given to some, and for my friends and supporters or people I support. (Sadly some were total disappoinments.)

    :0 if you think about it yes, it is educational in that side of things
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    kurt... said:

    The fact that you were gone for so long but still, there are lots of friends who remembers you and waits for ya

    Cant wait to get back ^^
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    I completely agree with everyone here! Friends (or just other nice people) are the greatest thing in this game!

    ...but also the sense of progression: the first time you level up and get to pick a perk, the first time you have a customer buying something in your shop, the first time you start buying rares, the first time you get a SUPER rare and cubits start coming in like crazy...
    It's a great feeling that ensures the game never gets boring!
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    The feature unique about CC is that I don't feel pressured to buy anything or act a certain way. If I want to mine all day while having YouTube play on the side, I can do that. If I want to tp to someone, or participate in a community event, then I can do that too.

    Also, it's the only free-to-play game that I have found where I can adequately control building a structure and designing the interior and exterior. All of the other games I have played have had a game-breaking bug somewhere or other, or had combat that I needed to deal with. CC is the only one that fits the mold of complex enough so that I don't feel artificially confined, but with enough restrictions that I don't feel like I'm tossed into a sea of creativity and left to fend for myself. I play CC because I want to flesh out ideas that I can't create irl. Drawing is all fine and dandy, but sometimes, one needs to walk through a design to realize if it's good or not, if it conveys the feeling one wants it to convey or not.

    In that way, I think that I play CC in a way unlike a game, and more like a basic 3D modeling program, a social media platform, and a tool to help me watch YouTube videos all rolled into one.

    It's quite beautiful, and I don't know what I would do if CC went down for good.
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    The events. We have had so many great ones, my 2 personal favourites have to be the murderer mystery (current) and the spider maze thing
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    I like the variety of hats and items. I love to collect stuff.
  • [InSstep][InSstep] Member
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    my cc youtube fans. they are very nice & amazing.
    thank you for support!
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    That Cc doesn't censore the Chilean words.....
    CHUCHA, la wea
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