The wireless the best update EVER. I love any update but the wireless update did not have much appeal for me as I am a deco builder or at least I THOUGHT THAT. THE FREAKING OUTLINE BLOCKS ARE FLASHY AND DO ALL SORTS OF CRAZY MIND BLOWING STUFF O_O. I want dance floors, I want raves, it makes me want to go back to the days I had no clothes on. They all fly off when those outline blocks get to pulsing. Sweet Baby Jesus...grey is crying with happiness.

Thank you Devs.


  • JAXsepticeyeJAXsepticeye Member
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    spudbugs = pattern coordinated dance floor OuO
  • *Joystick**Joystick* Member
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    More deco for grey! That dance floor is knocking in ma head now XD
  • PyreonPyreon Member
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    spudbug bumping a switch on high speeds with a receiver under rainbow block under outline block: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  • 121.65 Karma
    *flips table* AHHHHHHHHHH. Long term wise there are many uses for the wireless update for basic building with what we have now but I wanted MEAT. The outline blocks are my meat O_O MUST EAT MEAT. MUST MAKE DANCE FLOORS, MAKE MAKE FLASHY SPHERES GAAAAAAAAAARRREEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! *flips another table*
  • AkoSiGranicusAkoSiGranicus Member
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    *flip the chair*
  • xDark_RavenxxDark_Ravenx Member
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    I'm waiting for the death run levels
  •   Ed  Ed Game Moderator
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    Say no more

  • 121.65 Karma
    Dance floors is what CC needed.
  • 25.25 Karma
    Nice disco floor, but looks complicated as hell ×)
  • PyreonPyreon Member
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    pretty easy to make with a bunch of pressure plates and spudbugs
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