Artists of Cubic Castles

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We have many AMAZING artists in the community, but sometimes they're hard to find! Any artwork has some level of talent and deserves recognition! It's also a great thing to make a business out of. Contrary to popular belief, it takes sometimes hours of work to produce a masterpiece; we don't just snap our fingers to get it! Here is a list of the Cubic Castles Artists and their info:

If you want to get on this list, PM me your username, a link to the thread for your art (if you have one), and one of your best recent works to be put on display here! This way, anyone can find a style they like and possibly order a picture if the artist is willing. I will add anyone; regardless of how "talented" you think you are, your work is amazing because you put effort into it!

JackFury does personalized Qbee pictures here of any shape and size here, order yours:

Tumbleweed has a thread dedicated to her amazing works, check them out here!

Scorto is one of the few people in the community who creates clay sculptures of Qbees! They're so awesome! His thread is here:

Here is his DeviantArt page as well:


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