MacOS - Graphics glitching out after using settings

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This happens all the time but i never had the time to make this thread

This is a MacOS bug that happened for quite a long time.

to reproduce the bug you have to quit back into the login menu and press the settings button and then when you go back to the menu you'll see your name a little bit glitched

And once you press the play button...oh no
This happened even before i upgraded to sierra, so pretty much happens in Yosemite - Sierra and the ones before Yosemite

The only way i did to solve this is to close the client and boot it up again, hope this gets patched soon


  • Yes!!! This happens to me too
  • i usually play on pc but when i play on my mac my mouse gets a weird square around it and the square inverts the color of everything it goes over
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    bumping this thing
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