Can you improve the Cubit Store a bit?

Sorry to distract you but can you please improve the Cubit Store? I'm not being rude whatsoever but the Cubit Store nowadays looks rather dull and plain. At the olden times,it had that beautiful decoration to it,I can't even name it. It looked cool back then.
Would you rather like this better?

Than the one we have nowadays?

Come on administrators,at least improve it a bit.
So what do you think?
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    1. Yep.
    2. Nope.
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  • galantisgalantis Member
    edited May 2018 28.20 Karma
    I like this cubit store.
    the previous cubit store can quickly get you confused.

    as the admins want it,
    the goal of the cubit store is holla's, Packs, Clothing, and newer releases.

    as far as the previous cubit store is concerned, there are craft-able Blocks etc .. they want to avoid that.

    but I understand that you want another cubit store theme to look nicer and beautiful.

    if the Qbee's will not miss this cubit store I would say yes.
  • QbirdQbird Member
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    Maybe just a little reskin won't hurt, but the way it works is clear, I like it.
  • gameringboygameringboy Member
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    i dont like the image i liek the current cubit store but improve the items in the packs that you buy that arnt seasonal
  • Cub the CubicCub the Cubic Member
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    Can we just improve the background?
  • QbirdQbird Member
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    Can we just improve the background?

    Then +1 for a reskin
  • barbara_wbarbara_w Member
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    It’s clear and simple designed and isn’t confusing but a few changes could be nice too
  • rageanragean Member
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    -1, I think I said in one of your previous discussions, that CC admins are moving away from upgrading stuff like that.
  • ValyreenaValyreena Member
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    -1 The cubit store was improved once and. It is better the way it us right now. The old one wasn't organized and confusing. The new one right now is very organized and " on point " so yeah. That is just my oppinion.
  • Cub the CubicCub the Cubic Member
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    Opinions rule. :P
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