A Public Announcement about the Controversy Kiel has Created

Warning: High level of drama and saltiness. You have been warned.

Okay so Kiel has said many bad things about Daidyland, but I believe none of those are true. Why do I know? I am Daidyland's cousin.
So first of all, Daidyland does not have a youtube account. Meaning, she CANNOT post any comments on anyone's video. Second, the user who commented curse words on Kiel's videos is Gamer Girl, not Daidyland.
I REPEAT: The user who commented on Kiel's video is Gamer Girl, not Daidyland.
And apparently, Kiel has no exact or definite evidence and he just assumed that it was Daidyland. I tried telling him the truth (with supported facts and not just assumptions) but he aint buying it. Another argument I would like to point out is that Daidyland "scammed" Kiel. This is absolutely untrue as I can confirm it. I am her cousin. I REPEAT: I am Daidyland's cousin.
Lastly, I'd just like to apologize for the hatred and frustrations I have caused. I admit, I was triggered. But I cant look at my cousin take all the blame she didnt even have anything to do with. So please, if ever you are going to report anything to anyone, support it with actual facts, not just "but she did and it hurt my feelings".


  • What's the point of this? Just let it pass.
  • It does hurt my reputation as well as my cousin's too. There's no such thing as harmless misinformation...
    Again, I apologize for the highly salty content.
  • He scammed someone and wanted me to make him a new account for 700c
  • He scammed someone and wanted me to make him a new account for 700c

    Who? Kiel?
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    Closing this for obvious reasons.
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