Who Da Riddlemaster?

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So basically to all who want to join just tell me

players that want to join:

- Tumbleweed
- The Death Reaper
- Motivation
- Mr. Grim
- Flamerock
- Rin Shiraku

1.I will PM someone to tell them that they are the "RiddleMaster"</b So everyone has to guess who the riddlemaster is

2.The riddle master will tell me a riddle and its answer then i will tell everyone the riddle

3.Whoever gets the riddle right gets a clue of who the riddlemaster is. But also in a riddle But i will pm only 2 people to guess on a certain day.

4.(But on the day that the riddlemaster guesses i will have a riddle of my own)

5.If one person gets it right (in guessing who the master is) i will pm them and say your correct and will be in the winners circle Once you get it rite you still have to guess so no one will get a clue of who got it correct

6.(The riddle master will be guessing too, for he has to find his target)

-What target? I will PM someone to tell them that he is the Target of the RiddleMaster.

-How will the target defend himself? He has to answer a special riddle that i will pm him with.

7. There is still another role; The Fooler (Fool)

-What does the fool do? His goal is to figure out who the Riddlemaster and the Target is (at the same)

-The fool just has to pm me to guess.

Still confused?

Example: (Someone gets Riddlemaster correct)

Fire - Riddlemaster Water- Target Earth, Dark, And Light - Normies

Host (Me): (Insert Random Riddle Here)

Earth - (insert answer to random riddle here)
- I think the riddle master is Dark!

Water - (Insert answer to random riddle here)
- I think its Fire

(Water gets PMed)

Next 24hrs

Since no one got the riddle correct: This riddle will still continue


Dark: (Correct Answer to riddle)
(Wrong to Guess)

(Gets pmed and recieves clue to who the riddlemaster is)

Next Day

Fire: (Wrong Answer to special riddle of the day)
(Correct Target)

I pm target to say that riddlemaster (not mentioning the name) has found him and must defend himself, by answering the riddle within 24hrs.

Well it may seem confusing but it becomes easier on the way.

Prize: A HUG FROM iKonic (Im dragging you into this mess XD)


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