Lots of Cosmic Cow news!

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Hello all:

A lot has been happening with Cubic Castles and Cosmic Cow. This post is to shed some light and get everyone up to date!

1. Cosmic Cow is now part of the Blue Wizard family of games! Yes, Blue Wizard Games has a significant stake in Cosmic Cow and as such, we are part of larger group. Current released games from Blue Wizard include Slayaway Camp, Shellshock.io, Friday the 13th Killer Puzzle, and Space Tyrant. More games are in beta and on the way, and Blue Wizard has a stake in some other smaller studios too. It's possible that we receive help from their engineers, or that we help with Blue Wizard titles. It's not likely that we switch company names for Cubic Castles- it will stay under the Cosmic Cow brand. And if appropriate, we will release additional games under the Cosmic Cow brand.

2. Android changes: Last August, Google changed their policy for how apps and games get seen on the Google Play Store. The Cubic Castles Android client fell under a visibility penalty with their changes, which meant fewer new users were being shown the game. It was quite a bit of work, but we have now addressed the changes required, and hopefully this should mean we see an uptick in new users to previous levels.

3. The switch update is in testing. It it a bit complicated to get it working, and we're changing how things work as we build test realms, but we're almost there. It will be available soon. We may first use it for an official event for in game testing, before making it available to everyone.

4. We are planning to move many game and building items out of the Cubit Store, and into the crafting tree. This will be gradual, but the goal is for the store to focus on packs, clothing, hollas, and newer releases. Some new crafting items will also appear in mines to allow crafting some items that are not currently craftable.

5. We plan to discontinue the standalone Windows version of Cubic Castles. It will continue to be available from Steam of course. Frankly, the hacking and malware-false-positives problems make it a net negative for us.

6. We are hiring! We are currently looking for additional support and server engineering staff, though we would prefer not to hire Cubic players for support or engineering. Regardless, a resume' can be sent to info@cosmiccowgames.com. On the engineering side, at least 5 years of C++ is required with examples of released products.

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