Buying the following items:

MotivationMotivation Member
in Trading Section 25.25 Karma
Spudbugs 300c
Slime Boxes 300c
Guestbooks (Name Your Price)
Fadey Foam 1c each
Phantom Foam 4c each
Cannons 50c each
Fast Cannons 50c each
Any fire trap 75c each
Prize Dispensers 500c each
Dropper Blocks 30c each
Any warp food 400c each
Bottomless stamps for a reasonable price
Pulse Blocks 50c each
Top Hats 20c each

I'm buying unlimited amounts.
I'm not changing my prices.
Thank you.

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  1. What do you think?9 votes
    1. Your prices are so cheap, nobody will sell!
    2. I'd say average.
    3. Omg take my items cause I'm gonna get rich!
    4. Noob.


  • *Joystick**Joystick* Member
    190.05 Karma
    Search Joy's Lobby, I set a vend for you (slime - 300c)
  • pickles2001pickles2001 Member
    5.40 Karma
    i might have a few of these items ill sell them to you when im online
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