This Last Easter Build Contest

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Wow I can not believe the ones that were picked to win looked like 5 year old's built them. I am sorry if anyone takes offense to this but I saw way better builds then the ones that were picked. I mean did the Judges just pick there friends to win or what. And please Tell me how a Mod wins a contest is that even aloud. I am sorry I am just voicing my opinion on this subject. I hate to say this but I really think the game needs more mods that are for the game and not for themselves or for there friends. This game is great and it has came along way since I started playing in 2014 but a lot of the enter action with the mods have went down hill since then. I hope this does not offend anyone cause that was not what this post was intended for. I just wanted to to point out that some things do not seem fair at all in game. Thanks and I hope everyone has a great day.


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    I kinda support things other than the rude things. We need people that aren't biased. Maybe if there could be a judge and they don't know the name of the people's builds.
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    How do you get your items back from from the contest?
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    He'll say when you can
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    It depends on the quality of the build, on how you express the given theme with your building techniques. This building contest was different because you are free to do anything that emphasis the recreation of the zilla tribe, on what things do they need. Sculpties are now craftable, which means you can make a more detailed work than the original blocks.
    For the thing you said about the " friendship " one. Some people are about 2 - 5 years of playing cc, Which means more experience of Building. The winners deserves their place.
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    Maybe this will interest you:

    Yes I was kind of dissapointed because I put alot of effort in my build but I can also see that the winners put effort in their builds,So I am neutral about this
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    Wow 0.0 Jealousy? Na, seriously, you can't say this. Of course they are great builds, but you forgot variety. There were a lot of egg machines out there, a lot of houses, a lot of statues. Space had to think about that... Actually, the outlooking of a build is half of a judgement.. The idea remains an important part. Furthermore, the rules didn't specify any "age looking" builds, that's your own point of view.
    Sure, Ed came first, probably because it was better than the others according to space? And I don't think a mod who do favoritism among all these builds. That would be stupid coming from a trustworthy player don't you think?
    Besides, they have been improving the requirements, so more people could join the contest. Indeed, only 1k were required to build, unlike the other contests which required 5k. You can't say it is not fair.
    Finally, don't forget the best thing is to take part in, not to win. =P
    Still, I accept your opinion.
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    there is a thread with a discussion going on so im going to close this one, if you want to continue to talk about the subject feel free to hear
    lets keep it civil everyone, everyones opinions matter :)
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