Bottomless Games Tutorial!

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Welcome to the Bottomless Games Tutorial!
What is a bottomless game?
A bottomless game is where players must prevent themselves from falling down the bottomless pit.

What will I need?
You will need:
Bombs/Accerlo Rings (you don't have to use them)
Bottomless Stamps
Checkpoint (to not get stuck at the start)

How can I spot any cheaters?
You can find players cheating by seeing them relog,glitch or lie
You can also find players cheating if the others spot that the players were cheating.

People are complaining that the game is too hard.
Just ignore them. They just want the prizes. Don't let that make you down.

What maximum should the realm be?
Any type of realm! Even the smallest! :P

This is too easy for the players!
Try using traps like spikes,lava,accerlo rings or more! (you could use all of them!)

What prizes should I offer for them?
Most players only play the game when there are RARE prizes.

How much would it cost for the items?
Bottomless (2k-5k)
QBee Bombs (50c for 10) (Only in the Cubit Store)
Accerlo Rings (10c-30c) (I think)
Lava (You can find them in Tropical Mine)
Gather Bumper (1.5k-2k) (Or you could just open the ''door'' if you can't afford one)
Checkpoint (30c-100c)

Lots of players are leaving! I'm wasting my holla! D:
This could be due to the prizes,long play or it might be because the game is too ''hard''

I don't have any good prizes! :(
Ask them a question if they would like ''bad'' prizes or no prizes.

That means you are breaking the rules. It's illegal to do that.

Is there anything that challenges the players except for bombs,accerlo rings and that stuff?
There is a way to trick players. Just add a sign and put some foam that makes the QBee fall. This is how it challenges them.

Hope this helps!
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