Shirts Inspired By Anime ,Cubic Fashion Era (maybe some of these for fool coustume?)

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We have Suit Jacket And Pilgrim Shirt were handsome only so far,why don't we weave more fashion clothes? :)
Please be patient to view all :)

Sport Jacket

Swordsman Set(Hat+Shirt+Pant)

Sailor Shirt

Elf Shirt

School Uniforms

Matador Shirt

Detective Set

Stretched Angel Wings,Angel Shirt,Angel Elegant Sword

Phantom Thief Set

Waiter Shirt

Maybe Some Anime Wigs XD


Two hands holding cake

New update:Towel warp body,for hot spring (qbee vampire made hot spring but we need da wearable

Beret for artist (Already have just i didn't notice but if can we have brown one l-l / )

Make a statement , these can be role play to improve idea for buildings



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