Event-ish outfit ideas

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Am bored :> (i won't include costumes, cus these are an outfit by themselves)


~Stilish zombie guy (zombie head, suit jacket, black pants, "take this flower" rose). A nice outfit if you want to ask your crush out in a cold and dark night ;) .

~A nightmare before christmas (skull head, santa shirt, black pants, holdable candy cane). Just a nice reference there :^ .

~The farmer named Pennywhise (clown mask, farmer shirt and pants, halloween balloon, shiny nose). IDK enjoy it.

Will add more later. Share your ideas for now :^P


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    ~KingOfTurkeydeliciousness ( Turkey Beak, Turkey Tail, Crown )
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    CarrotFox said:

    ~KingOfTurkeydeliciousness ( Turkey Beak, Turkey Tail, Crown )

    My my, what kind of masterpiece do we have here
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