how do I make cubic castles 800x600

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hello I am on mac so I am not expecting much help
I am trying to edit cubic castle's window size but it keeps going into full screen and I cannot get anything out of it like I cannot open any other tab its in full screen unless I quit outta the game.
I try to select anything that isnt the widescreen/fullscreen option but it doesnt work
when i put it into 800x600 it just makes my screen black and it still shows the "windows clicker" or mouse thing the pointer finger and all I can do is just spam command+alt+esc to enter Force Quit mode but that just closes the CC window, I cannot do anything about this.
Do not tell me to try any other option because I have and the same exact thing happens, I really want to know how to play CC and like use discord at the same time, this problem has never occured in previous versions :v
so can anyone on mac or knows about mac can help me please? thanks.

smh after 40+ views no help i knew it because im mac lmao


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    so, bump? still having the problem
  • soap barsoap bar Member
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    lucaaa795 said:

    Have you tried going into the game files and change the resolution by yourself?

    500th edit, I got the window to work, its now 800,600, but CC doesnt load

    another edit, the game does load. the black screen turns into a purple,
    but yet I cannot see the menu. as if the game was only made for fullscreen on mac smh
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    Well this is how you would fix it for Windows, i don't know if a mac has the same way lol.

    Go to AppData > Roaming > Cubic, find a file named settings.txt, open it with a notepad and look for this line:

    All you need to do is set the correct resolution, so just replace the resolution you have in the file with the one you need.

    Or you could try re-downloading the game, and make sure you delete every single file, and re-install it. If neither of these work, sorry.
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    I just did settings.txt, and it didn't work because apparently the game supports only 1200,1000,
    the game is loaded, not the menu.
    I guess ill try reinstalling
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    Did you install Cubic Castles on Steam? Or from the Website
  • soap barsoap bar Member
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    Did you install Cubic Castles on Steam? Or from the Website

    cubic castles for steam isnt for mac. only windows.
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    You night be better off contacting support or messaging @CosmicCow to see if they can direct you to the proper configuration.
    Less than 1% of players use the mac version so its doubtful anyone here on the forums will know of how to fix.
    Good luck.
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    and this still didnt work, and thanks gdog
    i feel like im the only mac user and no latecom, I've tried that :v
    also thats not even how it works
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