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I'm thinking to begin a youtube series where I build your comments and I'm in need of comments to start. If you want your comment to be featured in a future video of mine think of something funny, random, creative for me to build and leave a comment down.

I won't pick any builds that are inappropriate or any builds that would take more than half an hour to build.


  • icantiwillicantiwill Member
    81.60 Karma
    Build a tree. DEDICATE THE TREE FOR ME!
  • MedicationsMedications Member
    75.60 Karma
    Build a Cat on a boat with his parrot and Soace
  • Mr.GranicusMr.Granicus Member
    15.80 Karma
    Build A Sheik Hat For Me! :D
  • Elemental godElemental god The netherlandsMember
    309.15 Karma
    Build your character with a shotgun (cause you have a hunters cap) and with a text cloud saying "time to get turkey"
  • valleyvalley Member
    34.75 Karma
    Build a realm (with a dark stamp) and you are on a small boat in the middle of a lake and you’re setting off fireworks and qbees are watching from the bank :D
  • Pickles2001Pickles2001 Member
    5.00 Karma
    build a shoe XD
  • *Joystick**Joystick* Member
    190.05 Karma
    Finally >=)

    I dare you to build a waffle spreading chocolate on a Qbee =)
  • RarixRarix Member
    111.75 Karma
    Your abilities are awesome about building! Can you build a Qbee jailed in cubit? l really wonder how will those buildings will be like! Good luck with it.
  • Space_fetusSpace_fetus Forum Moderator, Game Moderator
    131.60 Karma
  • Graceful ThunderGraceful Thunder Game Moderator
    16.35 Karma
    Build a llama. o-o
  • RaizusekuRaizuseku Member
    12.90 Karma
    A fancy dirt block with face, hands and feet
  • JuIiusJuIius Member
    117.95 Karma
    Build some giant pancakes. With syrup
  • Mad Dog GamerMad Dog Gamer Member
    77.50 Karma
    Build a Lil BunnyZilla out of sculpty blocks!!!
  • iKONICiKONIC Member
    41.25 Karma
    Build a meme
  • *Zoddy**Zoddy* Member
    10.70 Karma
    build an ocotopus with 7 legs

    did you get this series idea from grian o-o?
  • CosmicSnailCosmicSnail Member
    48.70 Karma
    Build a toast buttering a qbee
  • OrangeTailOrangeTail Member
    67.80 Karma
    Build an orange? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • UU Member
    214.95 Karma
    Build a sandwich.
  • JackFuryJackFury Member
    73.10 Karma
    Build Toad from Super Mario.
  • edited April 2018 120.45 Karma
    Miley Cyrus as a qbee on a wrecking ball.
  • 44.45 Karma
    build ....

    BUILD MY WAND OMG <3 ( star butterfly's wand )
  • *SnowyOwl**SnowyOwl* Member
    21.00 Karma
    Build a cheese wedge on a plate >:)
  • b3achyb3achy Member
    edited April 2018 50.45 Karma
    Build the Venus de Milo and/or the Thinker and/or other famous statues using marble pixel blocks...oh, wait...there are no marble pixel blocks...sigh... :/
  • rageanragean Member
    13.70 Karma
    Build a cowboy. :D
  • MedicationsMedications Member
    75.60 Karma
    Build a cutted tree with an axe instead C:
  • JuIiusJuIius Member
    117.95 Karma
    IF Ed builds anything, there have been like 30 comments lol. Also you could build a dog
  • GoldbusterGoldbuster Member
    11.35 Karma
    A Beaver
  • TumbleweedTumbleweed Member
    69.85 Karma
    A tornado, possibly destroying a house, possibly a qbee hanging on to the grass for dear life!
  • RarixRarix Member
    111.75 Karma
    When will you begin to record your buildings one by one? l'm sure it will be really fun while watching your buildings. l'd like to improve my building ability!
  •   Ed  Ed Game Moderator
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    LiteRary said:

    When will you begin to record your buildings one by one? l'm sure it will be really fun while watching your buildings. l'd like to improve my building ability!

    Will try to get an episode or two recorded by the end of the week then see if i have time to edit them.
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