Sorta Harmless Bug

Heres the Bug That I think happened cause I lvl up then i bump it for example
I was lvl 41 then Bump a Guest bumper i was at 20th then i became lvl 42 then bumped the same Guest bumper I'm at 23th
Heres some pictures of it :p
This is in Darkwater trails
Glitch in Dark Water trails
And glitch at my Guest Bumper in my realm

Glitch in my realm on Guest Bumper
Then Another one at 007 awesome 007's Finish Bumper at my Realm

Glitch in Finish Bumper at my realm

When I'm at the top 10 twice and the other guy can't be recorded since I have 2 names in the Finish Bumper.


  • pysinopysino WA Australia Member
    Yea. This happened to me also
    Ps. Congratz on being 2nd on ur bumper
  • Lucas The SpiderLucas The Spider U.K, England Member
    It's kinda harmless, and kinda bad. I won't say how it's bad, don't want people abusing it.

  • People abusing things in this game??!?!?! I'm shocked at the suggestion!
    *note the sarcasm*
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