Warlock's chamber " Valyreena Build "

Hello! This post is for my newest Build " Warlock's chamber " it is 61x71Sized room. I started the build 2016. And finished it 2018 March, i am so proud of this build it takes years to finish such kind but it was worth it! I hope you like the pictures! EnjoyCastle Walls & gates. Realm hub

Outside Arches

Flower Garden's

Epic views Kings Ball room

Cake dinner table


Irene's healing Fountain

Dancing Valyreena

MessageThis Build was inspired by minecraft diaries. And it was built 2016 and was abandoned for over a year due to. Unplanned things and very confusing paterns and lack of materials. It was really hard for me to even continue on building it because there was alot of mistakes blocks to block. This place holds one of my best memories in cubic castles. And this is my most favorite in all my cubic castles builds. I am so happy that i finished it and never gaved up on it. Everything was worth it i hope you all Check the build out! Realm name " Warlock's flower " or you could look for it on " Shyla lobby " thank you!


  • Gates are open! :O
  • What a master piece Val and not only that you made this beautiful post yourself! I love the name you chose for the build as well <3. Very suitable. It is great to see you dusting off old projects and giving them new life.
  • Graceful ThunderGraceful Thunder Game Moderator
    This is the most beautiful realm in Cubic Castles imo
  • I remember back in 2016 when I came to your holla about this place and being amazed by it. Now you have made it 100x better!
  • RarixRarix Member
    lt's fascinating! Creative, colorful and awesome! Good job Val!
  • Thanks chu everyone :D
  • I like purples! the dancing valyreena is your Tailored mannequin :D ,i do love these flowers!Does it produce honey?
  • I’m so happy for you. For one you finished something that mean a lot to you and also I must say it looks AMAZING. I will check it out for sure :)!
  • The entrance is finally open! xD I layk the realm realm name valy and much specially the buiiiild!! >.> "S u g o i "
  • SuperxtremeSuperxtreme The NetherlandsGame Moderator
    edited March 2018
    Wow Beautiful. I love this Valy Style! :D
  • @superextreme yas this is valy style! >:D @kurt... Wahahaha i love the realm name too LOL @lucaaa795 thankiees <3
  • This is beautiful and it's even better in game to actually see it. You're so creative.
  • Bump. Felt like the first introducing wasnt a success x’D
  • Yea it's done ,it's time to build next realm ! :D
  • This build is beyond words! What an amazing words Beyond the 10/10 scale.. :3
  • Dancing valyreena
  • Damn. That’s all I have to say lmao xD
  • edited May 2018
    yay finally you post it already! :D yus!!! I just waited for months to do it so lol but nice build btw :D
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