Epieownz's resource vends

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Hello all.

Welcome to my resource vends realm named: epieownz's resource vends.
Easy to find by typing:
in the overworld or lobby.

There are 12 vends atmost with:
5 quality soil - 60c
5 wheat - 18c
50 wheat 170c
10 gold - 5c
100 sand - 15c
100 mountain grass - 11c
100 mountain - 11c
100 iron - 11c
100 coal - 11c
100 stone - 20c
10 varnish - 5c
5 black dye - 1c (that's almost free)

Other resources per request.
pm for prices or moe visit me in game.

also i buy vends 375c each
and bombs 5c each, love me some bombs.

I do take mining orders: pm for prices and please visit my realms.


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