Zerik Leaves...

Here are the reason I quit...
1. I got bad votes at school and I got like 200 pages all to study for 1 week of time...
2. I made suffer my girlfriend...
3. I am so lonely and I am desperade... why others can have friends and me not? Why others can't be victim of bullysm and me yes... (this one was related to real life)
4. I don't think cubic castles will solve my problems...
5. I will maybe quit forever from real life too... (idk if you understand what i'm saying)

I official quitted now. I'll be back at BunnyZilla event and then leave.
Thanks you to all my friends! Every friend in cubic castles for me is like a small piece of my puzzle of my heart. Thanks to:
Mrs.Nixon ( or cleo )
Jureh ( my cousin )
Bape God
WizardGaming ( Wizzie :D )
**SunShine** ( Statthie :D )
^>Angel<^ ( sorry for making you suffer... you will never suffer without me in this world... )
The Cubic Lynx
Lari The Awesome
Louis Vuitton
=MGN=RedEagleVideo (I always considered you an hero of that community )
Zoddy ( Edition )
Mary :)
xX sir ingots Xx
Elisa 2
CubicMom ( You was like a mom for me )

Now if you will never see me again you know the reasons...


  • Leaving threads are against the rules now

    Anyhoo enjoy your life and whatever it may bring
  • I hope you find meaning in life and i am sure you will be succesfull and our community can't wait until you return! Enjoy your life and i hope you will come back soon and hopefully be happy.
  •  gdog gdog Retired Moderator
    Please use activity wall for goodbyes
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