Valentines Building Contest 2018 (Official Event) RESULTS!

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Valentines Building Contest 2018 RESULTS

Hey everyone today is the day of the building results! I had a lot of fun checking out your builds and after some debating am quite happy with my selection. Make sure if you haven't already to check out these builds personally they are really good!
I learnt a lot while judging this:

I feel like someone is trying to drown me...

Important information
The realm is currently locked while the builds are being archived, this means people will be able to visit your preserved builds in the future!
Once this process is complete the realms will be unlocked and your 5k cubits will be left on your rental spaces.You will have 1 week to claim back your stuff so make sure you keep an eye out for the update on this post!


1st Place (500k)


a beautiful build with an even more beautiful story, the picture does not do it justice or capture even half of the build a must visit!

2nd Place (300k)


A wonderful chocolate fountain propelled by swans another huge build best appreciated in person!

3rd Place (150k)


An elegant use of pixels a nice raft showing off two Dolphins and a heart!

4th Place (75k)


A bear boat! Maybe a little large for a bear hug!

5th Place (30k)


A truly outside the box concept that combines roller coaster and made up science into one moving mass!
Another huge build to be appreciated in person

Honourable Mentions

There was no name on this but i want you to know you have made my day

As well as xXBad WolfXx

also Notsolilmindy who built a whale propelled build that melted my heart


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    Realms have reopened, make sure to visit and collect your 5k and any building blocks you would like back.
    Archived realms to follow shortly for your viewing pleasure!
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