Valentines Short Stories And Poems (Official Event) RESULTS!

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Valentines Short Stories And Poems RESULTS!

Hey everyone firstly i would like to thank you all for your wonderful submissions! I have spent most of the day reading through all of your entries agonising over the great content you have all come up with to pick just 5!
I have laughed,cried (maybe not cried) and felt the love you each feel about your poems and each other.
Once again i would truly like to thank you, it has been an honour to read your work!
As i learnt from one particular poem the moral of the story is: Don't mess with voldermort!

The Winners! (In no particular order)

Congratulations You Win Halos!

Love is like Parkour, it's hard too complete,
Love is like Candy, It's always a treat.

Love is like a Scammer, it's hard to stop,
Love is like a Tower, It's hard too reach the top.

Love is like a friend, sometimes there's betrayal,
Love is like finding shops, sometimes you fail.

Love is like Building, it takes alot of work,
Love is like Mining, you sometimes get a perk.

Love is like Cubits, they're fun too use,
Love is like a Nuke, they light a fuse.

Love is like Mods, they help you with lots,
Love is like Behaviour, It has too be taught.

Love is like the Sun, It's shining bright,
Love is like PvP, you have too fight.

Love is like a Competition, You have too contend,
Love is just like a Story, It Always has an End!

So if you please, Beg your pardon,
because i have too go, chill in my garden.

Amazing, I Adore, an Angel you are
Beautiful! Beloved, your Builds are Bazar
Crazy, so Cubic.. your Creations I Care
Darling, I Desire to go on a Date i'll Decorate
Elegant, I'm Enlightened.. can't find you Elsewhere
Friends Fell in love Forevermore, this is Fate

Graceful Goddess Gifted Graciously
Her Happiness is the glue that Holds my Heart
I am Infatuated, Inspired.. I want you Ideally
Jubilant! so Joyous, a parkour I Jumpstart
Kindhearted but Keen, be warned Kitty can Kill
Lustrous, Luminous, she can Leap. What a thrill

Marvelous! Magnificent! she says she's is all Mine
Naughty, so Nimble.. she Now always Nags
Open, Optimistic, I listen and I'm always Online
Privileged I am, Pleased to love her Passionately
Quality over Quantity, she Quotes. she's so Queenly
Refreshingly Remembering your Romantic Remark
Squares So Special caused our love to Spark

Tenderly True loving, it's you that I Trust
Unique and Understanding you are Unforgettable
Virtual or not, I Vividly Value our love like stardust
Why Worry When you're With me and you are untouchable
Xceptional!... Xciting!.. our love will Xsist
Young and Youthful You're the best thing I Yield
Zany and Zealous, we're ready for world war Z

Mrs. Castillo
Mr. and Mrs. Castillo
Together, they play.
Harvesting golden crops
From the night to the day
She trades him a letter
Oh, what could it say?
"For you, I am planning
an enchanting giveaway."

He teleports to her garden
and she stands by his side.
When she sees his jaw drop,
She smiles with pride.

Giant rose petals
Form hearts on the ground
While bunnies and kittens
are hopping around.

His heart was enamored.
"You... made this for me?"
"Why, only the best,
For my favorite Qbee!"

Such lovely baskets of bread,
Baked with fresh dough
That he almost didn't notice
The glowing halo.

"Take this, dear Qbee,
I have no words to say
The best of my days
are spent with Jose.
So I gift you this halo
for our Valentine's Day."


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    Louis Vuitton

    I wake up at the crack of dawn, the cloudy sky yet to turn completely bright, the sun just barely peeking over the mountain mines. It's a new day in the Cubic Castle Kingdom. I yawn as I look out the window to hear the chicks chirping none stop, I stand up and put on my left half heart shirt and black skirt on ready to start the day. Just as I'm making my way to the door of my attic room I hear her yell.
    "Qbeerella! Wake you lazy girl!" I'm taken a back for My stepmother and step sister normally do not awaken until noon.
    "Yes stepmother, I'm awake." I run down the steep stairs to the kitchen area where I find my very angry looking Stepmother, she has on her finest a Krampus and in her perfect white hands she holds an Easter umbrella.
    "Good morning Ma'am." She stares at me with pure disgust.
    "I have a list of things for you to do today, and it's quite large." She laughs pleased with herself.
    "But I thought_"
    " You're not to think at all Qbeerella, you are to listen to me and of course your beautiful step sisters, now the King announced he is holding a royal ball for his son Prince James_
    " A ball? How truly wonderful and we are to go?" I ask 
    "We?" She gives a bitter laugh as she looks at me. " just so you can embarrass me in your wrags you call clothing? No of course not you aren't going."
    "Oh but please Stepmother I'll buy myself something presentable perhaps if I do you would allow me to go?" I look at her with hope in my eyes.
    "I supposed if you purchase something of a higher rarity you may go, if! Of course you complete the list I provide you."
    "Yes Stepmother, thank you!" 
    "Now today I want you to head to the mountain mines I will need 200 gold ores, 300 Silver ores, 1000 coal, 500 iron and while you're there find a cave mine i will need those purple jewels. Once you're done you must go to Gioshollandlops farm market buy milk and eggs and once you do that I'll need a new realm built for storage. Now off you go you have until 6 tonight to have all this done and have a presentable clothing for the ball." 
    "Yes Stepmother." I lower my eyes filled with disappointment, there's no way I'll finish all this by tonight.
    I had to the lobby keeping my eyes on the floor as I head to the overworld door.
    " Hey there stranger!" I look behind me and see my best friend Lari the Awesome and behind her Xflame.
    "Hey Lari." I try to smile but no doubt it comes out as fake.
    " Hey what's the matter aren't you excited for Prince James ball? I hear her picking a wife tonight!" She says bumping me with her hips making her nurse hat to tip over slightly which she quickly fixes. 
    "Well of course I'm, you know I've loved him for as long as I've known you but I won't be going."
    "Why not?" XFlame asks surprised. I show them the list.
    "And it all must be done by tonight!" I exclaim.
    "Yikes!" He says cringing.
    " Not a problem we'll help!" Lari says.
    " Oh thank you thank you!" 
    "And I think that's the last of the purple jewels!" I say smiling
    "Now quick it's already noon! We need to head over to my mom's farm market eat this you'll teleport there it will save you the walk!" Lari says handing Xflame and I a pizza warp food. I eat it and am suddendly standing in front of vends.
    "Welcome to my shop, oh Qbeerella how are you?!" Gioshollandlops is standing of to the side near her cash register with another costumer.
    " I'm doing well thank you, I need eggs and milk please."
    "Third vend down dear, they're fresh!" I smile as I walk over and press the use button on the vends.
    "Ok a dozen eggs and a jug of milk." I say to myself
    "Find everything you need?" Gioshollandlops asks.
    "Yes thank you." I see Lari walk over to her mom and start whispering in her ear, Gioshollandlops eyes widens.
    "Well that won't do at all, come here Qbeerella." I walk over to her. "I hear you need clothing for the ball?"
    "Yes ma'am I do but_"
    "No buts here take these I don't need them anyway." She reaches inside her fancy cabinet she hands me a halo, white angel wings with a yellow skirt and a yellow shirt to match.
    "Oh but I couldn't!" I say surprised.
    "Nonesense call me your fairy godmother." She laughs then. 
    "Thank you so much!" I say hugging her. I look down as I hear a soft baaa, "Thank you as well Rammy." I reach down and pet him between the horns.
    "You should go Qbeerella you still need to build that realm!" Lari says.
    "You're right, fair well Gioshollandlops Thank you again!" I exit her realm then with Lari not far behind me. Once we reach Stepmothers realm u had to the kitchen and place down the milk and eggs and place a glass over it, next I put all the ores in a new wood cabinet in the living room area.
    "Quick where's the realm?" Lari asks me I look around in all out cabinets until I find the one labeled Stepmother Storage. 
    "Got It!" I exclaim.
    " she couldn't have made it easy could she?" Lari says annoyed
    "At least it's just a 33X33 realm that shouldn't take to long." 
    "Ok let's get to It!" Lari says smiling.
    "And that should do it! What time is It?!" I ask
    "5:30! Oh gosh I need to go and change as well good luck Qbeerella! Oh I almost forgot my mom told me to give you this." She pulls out an invisible cloak from her inventory. "Just in case." She hands it to me and gives me a quick hug before exiting the realm.
    I teleport to my Stepmother and she's with both my step sisters getting ready. 
    "I have finished ma'am." I say smiling at her.
    "All of It?! One of my step sister says in shock.
    "How about your clothes?" My Stepmother ask looking smug. I quickly click the clothes in my inventory and put them on myself. " Very well let's see the realm and if it's to my liking you may go." I nod and follow her to the storage realm, and look at her as she smiles to herself.
    "Is this some type of joke? No this won't the at All I wanted it out of white marble not what is this even?!"
    "Its wood mother." My other Step sister says laughing.
    " You won't be going, I expect you to have finished by the time I come home let's go girls!" I watch them go and fall on my knees crying.
    "Qbeerella you still can go to the ball, we'll finish it and you go use the cloak!" I look up to see Gioshollandlops looking at me. 
    "Thank you so much Gioshollandlops!" 
    "Hey use this!" Xflame says stepping out from behind his mom, he puts down a hidey pumper on the ground. "That way they won't know it's you!" I smile and thank him as I hit the bumper and watch my name disappear. 
    "Here eat this." Gioshollandlops says handing me a soda can which is labeled "Prince James Ball.
    "Thank you all for your help." I say putting the invisible cloak on and drinking the soda.
    I look around as I teleport, I land smack center in the ballroom. It's elegant made out of gold and silver, the most detailed building I have ever seen in all of Cubic Castles Kingdom it's truly beautiful. Soft music plays in the background and I realize I'm still wearing the invisible cloak. I slowly peal it off and all the Qbees look at me some I recognize and others I don't.
    "Ladies and Gentlemen may in present King George and his son Prince James." A announcer says. I look up and my eyes meet that of Prince James I feel butterflies feel my stomach as he leans over to his father and says something in his ear all the while looking at me. "The first dance shall be of Prince James and a lovely lady he will choose. I watch as Prince James walks down the spiraling staircase and makes his way to me.
    "May I have this dance uhh."
    "Qbeerella." I say bowing low to the ground.
    The night rolls on with Prince James dancing with no one but Qbeerella, they talk and laugh and slowly the Prince realizes he Loves this beautiful girl he has in his arms, and she couldn't be more pleased how the evening is turning out.
    "Qbeerella my father has thrown me this ball so I may find a maiden that will be my wife."
    "Yes your highness." I say looking at his eyes.
    "I believe I have made my choice, if you would have me I would love if you would be my bride." I stop dancing at once and look him in the eyes.
    "Would you not like to perhaps get to know the other ladies as Well?"
    "I have no need to for I have met you." I smile kindly at him.
    "Then what else would I say but yes?" I say, he smiles brightly and takes my hand in his and walks me over to his father.
    "Have you made your decision then son?" The king laughs a kind laugh as he looks at me.
    "Yes father I have." Prince James says
    "Your majesty." I say bowing 
    "Please rise my dear girl we are to be family now, now tell me who is your family?" The king asks. I think long and hard as I look around my eyes land on that of my harsh Stepmother and Step sisters then I look around and find Lari,Xflame,and Gioshollandlops who must have gotten here a short while ago. 
    "Gioshollandlops, Lari the Awesome and Xflame are your majesty." 
    "Then they shall live as well in comfort in our castle."
    "Thank you your majesty." I say with a gracious smile.
    "My son has chosen!" The king says to the crowd. "Qbeerella shall be his princess and they shall live happily ever after.
    And we did 
    The End
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    As the girl ran carelessly towards the gate, something began to vibrate. It was the droppers beneath her little feet, which was hidden by the phantomed wood planks to fool people's eyes. 

    The floor soon disappeared, causing the girl to fall from the fake bridge. Because she had barely any health left, she would immediately die and be expelled from the realm the moment she touched the spiky floor at the bottom.

    "It's over, there's nothing else I can do"

    [Twenty minutes ago]

    They were now in a place named “Twin Tower”. As the name suggested, that big cubical realm only contained two parallel sandstone towers, surrounded by fog, spikes and various wild plants. Of course, it was just another realm with a horror theme, but this one would make people feel scared, even if it was just a little bit.

    ‘Are you really sure about this?’

    The girl that just spoke was Ruby, who was pacing back and forth since the moment she entered the realm. Standing alongside her was Annie, Ruby’s first and only friend in Cubic Castles, as well as being one of her best friends in real life.

    According to her brother CD, there was a rare item located on the top of the tower. Very few Qbees had conquered it and obtained the prize. Despite his stating that it was hellishly difficult, the two normal girls were still here, waiting and being ready to try their best.

    'Yes, I am ready...' - Ruby answered lightly. 

    Slowly but steadily, they entered the left tower. The wooden ladder led to a flat floor. Besides the glowing purple portal, there was a small bed, a locked door and a big hole in the wall. Although the fog had blocked the ability to peek at the other locked tower, they could clearly see the spike floor at the bottom, signalling unavoidable death upon falling. As the life count in this realm was 1, they acknowledged the certainty of being kicked out of the realm if they got no health left.

    ‘Are you ready?’ – Annie whispered through the voice chat.

    Nothing but a nervous and gentle smile appeared on her face.

    The two of them went through the portal, only to be taken aback by the cacophony of fire traps and cannons and countless platforms made of dropper blocks. Right below those platforms was lava, ready to consume anyone who failed to make it to the top.

    While Annie was busy counting the death traps, Ruby had already sensed the rhythm, figuring out a hidden pattern connecting one platform to another.

    ‘3, 2, 1, jump, dodge, jump again,… Ok, I got it!’

    'What? How are you able to do it in such a short time?' - Annie responded with surprise

    Even though Ruby was not as good as Annie in terms of parkour, she seemed to have an ability to examine the puzzles and come up with a solution with perfect accuracy. Annie knew this, but she wouldn't expect the other to finish that fast.

    'Just follow me!'

    Nervousness had disappeared on Ruby's face. Instead, something else - mostly excitement - had overwhelmed her movement. She jumped on one platform to another, making it almost impossible for Annie to follow. The death caused by dropper could be here if they missed a beat, but none of them were shaking or hesitating at all.

    The two made a quick jump, dashed through a line of fire, hopped over a cannonball. The moves were nearly flawless, and they quickly made it closely to the top. However, they still got hurt a couple of times.

    Finally, they reached the top floor.

    The two paused for a second, calming themselves down after blazing through the obstacle course. Ruby laughed:

    'Ha, that was really fun. I didn't know I was able to make it out. It was pretty random, I suppose'

    'But we've made it, haven't we? At least we had one fourth of hp left' - Annie cheered

    'Look at that! It's the end!'

    They changed their focus to the wooden bridge made out of wood planks. Next to it, there was a warning sign saying: "Without the help of a friend, you will never win" 

    'The help of a friend? But how exactly?' - Annie sat down to think

    'I have no idea, but we can try doing this' - Ruby pointed to the wooden bridge. 

    'You mean we should jump for it? The bridge seems suspicious' 

    'Do not worry, I will do it' 

    Before Annie could stop her, Ruby had started sprinting towards the bridge. 

    'Thank you for the fun today. If we fail here, we can always try again to get that lucky chance once more!' 

    A familiar sound was heard below the planks, something was shaking along her feet. 

    'Oh no, the droppers!' 

    Annie panickedly turned her heads around. Suddenly, something caught her attention: A hidden black sign appeared. She pulled something out of her inventory, then began to rush forward...

    'It's over, there's nothing else I can do' 

    As soon as she gave it up, a name tag appeared below her.

    *knock* A flying star hit her body, making it hop forward, right into the hole at the bottom of the right tower, which was dangerously close to the spikes. 

    *click* The locked door in the left tower suddenly opened and teleported Annie to the other side upon moving through. 

    The girl laughed and screamed with joy, both of them jumped up and down continuously to celebrate. 

    'All thanks to the sign up there that showed me the clue. Had it not been for the wand, we'd fail there.'

    'Oh, so that is why I got knocked here. Thank you' 

    'Don't mention it. Shall we proceed to the final room now?'

    'Alright, let's go!' 

    Not long after that, they reached the top floor of the right tower. In the middle, there was a flower laying on a gold block.

    'Is this, Cut Rose?'

    When she held the flower on her hands, a message popped up from inside the gold block:

    "The rose should be given to the one that is meaningful to you here: Your sibling, your love, or perhaps your friend. It is entirely up to you" 

    Ruby contemplated the message for a long time, then handed over the flower to her partner:

    'You can have it, Annie'

    'Why? You get it, so it is yours. You don' t have to give it to me'

    'If it weren't for you, I wouldn't be here in the first place. You gave me the will to do this, you and I were together while flying through the deadly obstacle. Therefore, this should belong to you, I already had something in return: Your friendship.'

    They hugged one another deeply and looked at the far, misty skyline somewhere far away. 

    Someone was looking above the cloud - a figure with a big white robe and a pink umbrella. 

    'Just as I planned' - he smiled peacefully. 
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    Honourable Mentions

    Even after picking my winners there were a few pieces that stuck with me that i would like to share with you in case you missed them. They made me laugh, or hit me with "the deep feels" or were different enough for me to take notice even if they did not win a prize :)

    Roses are blue,
    Voilets are red,
    What happened with this poem
    I think im dead.

    Raffles I hate them.
    I am never a winner.
    I am bad at art.
    At least this isn't drawing.
    I may have a chance.

    Dubby Pup 899 Yt
    Roses are red
    There is no violets
    Why do you do this cc?
    Violets are great ;-;

    Miss Joy
    Jumping into a vast area of undisturbed block resources.
    The trees abundant,
    flowers scattered,
    while little fairies
    hinting their existence
    amongst the mushroom villages
    No shovels, no pickaxes
    just my bare hands
    as light rain hits my body
    every drop
    replenishes my energy
    to go on
    my ears,
    accustomed to the sound
    of pulling blocks
    the sound
    of hands grazing the surface
    of rubber air filled balloons,
    as different tones
    lull me into a trance
    of tranquillity.

    =Captain NoahIsCool=
    If I were to love someone
    They would have to be loving
    And kind
    But if I didn’t love you back
    Cubits might change my mind.

    They say money can’t buy love
    They say the love wouldn’t be true
    But I would sure love someone
    If they gave me a krampus or two.

    Sometimes it is hard to find
    Someone you will love till you’re dead
    But for me it wouldn’t be that hard
    If they gave me a Dino head

    In conclusion love can be hard
    It’s probably won’t be a breeze
    But if there were to be cubits involved
    I could get through a relationship with ease.


    I don't remember much about my birth. I remember walking through a portal, and coming out on the other side, where there were more signs, telling me to decorate my "realm" and how to rehydrate a cube with a question mark inside.

    It was a long while later that I was able to see other people, called Qbees. One of them went into my realm and stole my stuff. That made me really sad, and I wanted to dissolve, to never become conscious again. But I soon returned. I had decided that it was stupid of me to dissolve just because someone took my stuff. It had not cost me anything, only inconvenienced me.

    Eventually, I found someone that I liked. His name was $pic3y. Upon chatting with him, he promptly handed me his clothes and told me to try them on. Feeling confused and a bit embarrassed for him, I did. It turned out that he and I wore the same size clothes. But I felt weird that I was wearing something that didn't belong to me, so I gave it back to him. After that encounter, he came to my realm regularly, chatting about random topics and keeping me company as I set up my small shop.

    I learned that $pic3y had a friend he called Tito, who was one of the other three Qbees that had also given him his clothes back. I also learned that $pic3y had a bit of a hot temper, and would sometimes capitalize the letters in all of his words and get angry about the funniest things. One time we were talking about our favorite types of cheese, and he got so excited. He was jumping up and down so many times; he looked as light as a balloon. He also had a dog who he loved very much. He loved her so much, in fact, that when I opened up my co-build sculpture realm, he made a dog bowl for her.

    If I mentioned that I thought a certain item looked cool, he would give it to me, no questions asked. He would even go out of his way to look for an item that he thought would look good on me and insisted that I take it. He wouldn't take no for an answer. He wouldn't take any donations, either.

    It was through him that I met his wonderful friends, EmeraldAnyale (now Graceful Thunder), SanstheSkeleton837 (Tito's new account), and Alexdoescubits (I hope I'm spelling that correctly). Those are the other three Qbees that $pic3y trusted with all of his stuff. I went to Grace when I had relationship problems, and she was able to coach me through it. She's always patient with other Qbees, no matter how unreasonable they may be. Sans is always able to bring a smile to my face. He's always bouncing around, excited about new features popping up in Cubic Castles or simply living life. And although I don't know Alex very well, Sans shares a shop with him. So I trust that he's a good guy.

    But not all was fun and games. One day, $pic3y stopped playing. He had told me before that he had a habit of making a lot of people angry and assuming a new identity to hide from his actions. But it was Grace that gave me the news. $pic3y told her that he would no longer be of this world. He said that he would "stop playing CC" and was gone. To this day I don't know the reason why he had to dissolve. Maybe it was trouble with his family. Maybe something happened to his dog. I will never know, and...that's okay.

    I don't want to know what happened to him. I want to believe that he dissolved for a reason, and that wherever he is, he's happy. I want to spend the time I have left to talk to my friends that haven't dissolved, and I believe that if I am just as generous to others as $pic3y was to me, his memory will live on.


    You had long been a friend of mine, so long that I couldn’t tell when. Wherever i went, you always there with me; Whatever I did, we always did it together; Every joy and sadness, I always shared it with you. I was a rich boy, but very selfish to others except you. I ignored noob players, refused any help asked by people, and wasn’t going to shared any of my stuff. But unlike me, you was a very warm-hearted girl. You were always willing to help anyone you met, happily donated your item to poor players. If there was anyone stucking at a parkour or quest, or having trouble finding craft material, you would always spare your time to help. Standing there watching you help them, don’t know why but I felt a bit jealous, but at those time you looked so happy and beautiful, as if an angel. I remembered that I once asked why you had been being so nice to everyone, I also told you that this is so wasting time and cubits and recommended you to stop. But you just looked at me, gave me a gentle smile and said: “Joy comes when you are giving”. That moment has carved deeply into my heart, so deep that it hurts me very much now.
    One sudden day, you and I had a terrible argument. It was very bad but I can’t remember the reason why even until now. It was so bad that it made me very mad, and in my temper, I decided to change my name, buy another flag, and finally unfriend you, acting as if i had totally disappeared from the world. The next day, I saw you trying to find me in Pen’s yard. You looked so frightened and sad, I didn’t do anything but hide from a place and watched you. After that, I had seen you go to Pen’s yard everyday, despairingly shouted my name. I then felt regret of what I did, but I didn’t have enough courage to stand in front you. And then another day passed, I knew that I would eventually have to say sorry, so I decided to. I went to Pen’s yard to wait for you to come, but you didn’t seem to online that day. So the next day, I came back. I waited, and waited, and waited... A month had passed, I still hadn’t seen you, I then found out that your realm had gone from the overworld. I tried to search it in the lobby, but it didn’t work, I even tried to friend you, but the pending invitation just stood there. And, only then did I realize that you have quitted cubic castles. I was so sad. I couldn’t even say a goodbye. It was all my fault. If only I hadn’t been so selfish; If only I had been braver; If only I had said a sorry... I cried.
    A year has passed, I have changed so much since then. Now I am a very friendly qbee, who always ready to help other players, no matter how rich or poor they are. I am more sociable, and be kind to anyone I meet. And whenever I help somebody, it reminds me of you and what you said, which has carved so deep into my soul, and becomes a lesson for me: 
    “For it is giving that we receive joy”.

    Honey Bomb

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