Idea that would help rental owners :P

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This would be helpful for stopping trolls, build battles, and lazy owners xD

What about a bumper.... that when placed on a rental plot........*suspenseful buildup*...... destroys whatever is built there. Like a nuke but for rentals. Like if ppl dirt stack on a rental or if you have a build battle that would be hard to clean up once the competition is over...or if ur lazy....


  • Well... really, the player dosnt get the blocks back. If your saying a nuke that drops the blocks then I will be fine. I've had times where a person wanted his blocks from his build but since I used a nuke, I can't get it back which then I am accused of scamming. This is in the middle for me.
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    -1 this will cause people to troll other people
  • Ok i think that we have reached an agreement mods pls close this up
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