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Recently I have seen a few people creating threads about them being muted or banned and are wanting to know why. Many of these are then closed due to being told to contact support - my suggestion is that these don't be created as threads because it could dishearten some people potentially wanting to join cc and seeing the forums with threads about mutes/bans of accounts. Therefore a new rule should be added that these dont get created into threads.

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    I have a question about this, do they mean banned/muted in the game or is it in the forums? And do warnings ban you in the game or in the forums?
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    They are there for warnings and making the community better if someone joins the game and think muting and banning is bad they are not very smart (not being rude or anything)
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    Tettt said:

    but basically mods are trying to solve this issue, closing every 'Im Quitting ' thread and also ' Why was I warned for (X)'

    theyre already taking action, but just havent made a solid rule about this.

    Yep, that's why we need this rule... I do totally agree with Dark, since mods don't have to tell the reason of an ingame ban, or a forum warn as well.
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    Bumping this!
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    Not sure a rule change would actually change anything.
    People would still post and the outcome would be the same.
    eg. the thread gets closed.

    Its already mentioned to not create threads about forum warning and bans.
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    Ah ok you can close this then gdog
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