Recruiting miners to join 'The Miner Mates' clan! (edit: now easier to join!)

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Oh boy. How do i start? This is big to me, i mean i have been working on this for a whole month! I guess I'm just gonna ask myself questions about this clan and answer those questions!

So, what's the purpose of 'The Miner Mates' clan?
It's to gather a fellowship of miners who work together and help each other, like brothers or buddies or something like that! :3

What do the leaders promise to provide for the recruited miner mates?
- A mega 100 by 100 farm [ready in 10 days at most]
- A mega order room where any customer can order from any miner
- All the jobs a miner could wish for
- Off-days once or twice a week
- mining contests with prizes!

Is the clan open?
It will be in a few days! Meanwhile, you can still join and get jobs it’s just that the rooms aren’t ready yet. I’m excited for this! XD

Sweet, what are the rules?
[ouch, the rules are tight like stretched rubber bands, but here]
- follow the CC rules in first place
- When you join the clan, you promise to be a reliable, responsible and honest fellow miner. Welcome!
- No bullying, no lying, no scamming, just don't be a jerk!
- If you are a miner in the clan, no one is responsible for the loss of your own customers' orders on the signposts in the order room. It is the miner's responsibility to write their own orders down or remember them. Please ask your leaders, Xever 101 and I, if this loss happens.
- Members are strongly encouraged to add and help one other; we're all here for each other! :D
- Both the Customer and the Miner have a right to politely negotiate the prices of the raw resources to be sold
- If you take jobs here, state clearly how much are you willing to mine for the week/day [no lower than 5k a week], when are your one or two off-days, in your allocated space in the order room.
- Only take the orders you can deliver. Failing to deliver the orders you promised will lead to a strike
- five strikes in a month and you're out
- Don’t push yourself to take the jobs if you are too busy in real life! It happens!
- If you are off from working too long, leaders will ask you if you are coming back or if you would like to leave
- Valid reasons for failing to deliver your promised orders will excuse you from strikes; etc; You're sick, you have a serious emotional crisis involving your loved ones and friends, school camps. This list is not exhaustible. Please contact your leaders, Xever 101 and me, if you need to be excused from duty temporarily for a valid reason immediately so that we can take the appropriate actions to help you.
- Promotion is entirely up to the leaders' decision

ok, what are the requirements to join?
- Promise to follow the rules please
- Be capable of mine 5k of raw resources a week [you don't have to do this every week, it's just to ensure that you can take huge orders, something every good miner has to do at some point. But don't sweat! You are allowed only take the jobs you can deliver, in fact, it is strongly encouraged!]
- You gotta like mining somewhat in the first place XD

That's all for now! Adios!

P.S. once you join, a job will be instantly available for you!


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    Bump. I want to ask if it’s too hard to join? Then i’ll just remove the deadline for the jobs,, they seem too pesky and bothersome now that I look at it... and there’s no way to tell if the Miner did start from scratch anyway and there’s little point to ensuring that too... because having the raw stuff beforehand is being resourceful which is very good for a miner...

    Edit: I have another question, should I move this thread to the ‘Trading Section’?
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    Ya, the 7k, its quite high in my opinion.... Maybe u should lower it a bit..
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    Ya, the 7k, its quite high in my opinion.... Maybe u should lower it a bit..

    Hmmm ok then, thank you for your feedback!

    I changed it to 5k a week, is that better?
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