General cubic castle questions

I'm just suddenly interested in what your favourite things about cubic castles are so I've made this poll to share your thoughts and interests. I also find it fun to answer questions in polls so if this is you, here is one to fill out.


  • Tadaaa =D
  • Thanks Valley for taking the time to make that poll I enjoyed it!

    I spend a large majority of my day on CC, albeit sporadically two hours here, an hour there but I LIVE FOR CC. I am pretty sure I could not go more than a week without CC other wise I have to be submitted to a mental hospital. The months I did not have CC were brutal :O:.

    As for packs I think I would of picked Summer Bummer pack but it was not on your list <3 It came with some pretty neato items.
  • I was especially interested in how many people have bought cubits and it's good to see that more than half of the people who have voted have supported the game :D! Not saying that if you don't buy cubits you aren't supporting the game either.. :)
  • :P random comment
  • AnnaIsHere!AnnaIsHere! Member
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    Quite an interesting poll. I liked completing it and particularly how many approximatly prefer the Halloween Pack.
  • rip thanksgiving pack :(
  • Yay bunnymobile in 2nd :D . Btw great job on polls Valley
  • Thanks :)
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