Detailed useful Idea For CC Changes ( Very long .^. )

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I arranged these useful ideas and put them here.please be patient to view all

1:I am sadly because i made one realm then pet all my 500+fairies ,my friends tp me then i had wifi issue that i grab one glass i did a mistake so they got inside and aim my fairies,500+ fairies become dusts,what a murderer!So i think we need perm for ppl fairies,If you haven't perm you can't catch their fairies!
Support me please,i already lost 500+fairies pet
Additional-Fairy can switch wire-less switches as mob, how cool is that !

2:Able use wands to destroy cracked blocks horizontally : this might help adventure map

3:Dye-able crystal : other color like blue crystal Credit-qbee vampire
complement:Gold dye-2 yellow flower + gold + mortar and pestle / yellow dye +gold + mortar and pestle

4:More dyes : two different kinds of dye , one is deep and the other is light
example:Deep blue dye and light blue dye/Add brown dye /Add grey dye Credit-Cd87

5:Dye-able water : Make different color of water Credit-GreyCoralKing

6:Anti-Gravity switch :Sky and the land reversed when u press

7:Any color and Dark / Light pastel strips :like dark red and light red

8:White plaster : white plaster +white dye = white plaster (but add a strip like other color plaster)

9:Dye-able cloud:Imagine you want build a storm by using grey cloud Credit-The 007

10:Youtuber flag:A flag themed youtube for youtubers Credit-Assassinations

11:Locked realm change: When you're in a locked realm, you could have an outgoing message to all people who try to enter that realm giving a reason for there inability to come in Credit-Archevix

12:Bans change:When players are banned there's 2 options 'Ban from the realm' & 'Ban from all realms owned by me'
Credit-Lucas The Spider

13:Polished marble:Look better. Any marble + varnish = polished marble Credit-Enderwither

14:A count for daily quest:The game should add a count for the daily quest... For examples, today, I had to mine 40 raw gold, it was long and I didn't know how much I've mined... So with the count it could be 1/40, 2/40... Credit-Joystick

15:Instant kill button:How about make the realm setup button half the size and place a 'kill' button? What this does is when you press it, your q-bee dies like when you get out of hearts. This is useful for when for an example you want go to back to your last checkpoint. This is also a faster dying way than placing lava since you instant die. There are some realms where you don't have perms or pvp so you can't die unless the owner is there Credit-*> Jack <*(just ask them don't pay any c to 2nd game)

16:Sculpty block/pixel :One block u get 8/8 piece u place once it will become 7/8 piece like watering can and no between space for it to another color sculpty block/pixel so u can make pixel art completely

17:Dye-able sofa:more sofa color

18:Downward accerloring:An accerloring that blow you down

19:Dark Stamp too dark ;-; :Maybe make it more visibility ?

20:Quake bumper:if u enter a realm that placed quake bumper,it will shake your screen unstoppable
2 settings a:Duration
b :strength
21:Beehive:I think you should get a certain amount of honey after a couple of days from a beehive. This way you can collect honey like eggs from chicken, milk, tomatoes, corn Credit-sjoof

22:Snowboard mobile: When QBees are standing on snow, they would not be slowed down Credit-RadMadGaming

23:Sculpty water

24:Sculpty pack:Some builder want build 100x100 amazing realm but can't effort them

25:Mines:How about when you are in a mine, there is this 5x5x5 volume around you that whenever anyone steps into that range, they wont be able to mine. This would be VERY useful and it would very much avoid grieves Credit-007 Awesome 007

26:Gem pack:A pack that contains 25 rubies, 25 diamons and 25 emerald Credit-007 Awesome 007

27:Trade histories:I know this may sound a little extreme but, trade histories. Could be very useful?
Trade histories can only be accessed by The Player him/herself and Admins/Mods etc.
It would help eliminate scammers and stop people from telling everyone they "were" scammed. Wouldn't it? But still, I think it'd still sound a bit extreme Credit-iBunniezilla

28:Realm bookmarking:We all get that time where we wanna come back to a realm but we forget the name.
So I suggest making a Bumper for bookmarking realms! Simply bump on the socalled bumper and it will bookmark the realm and add it to a new tab on the menu "Bookmarks". Many lives will be saved! Credit-iBunniezilla

29:Bumper Light Switch:if there was a bumper that when hit could turn off lights and turn them on kind of like a light switch. This would also be helpful if people were doing games with memory being an example. To have a darkness stamp reveal the items, then turn off the lights to make it pitch black then have the person guess say how many chairs are there. Instead of having to switch stamps Credit-Justmeg

30:Instruments:What if qbees could hold and play an instrument? Like a guitar, flute, and more. Instruments could also be craftable.
How it works: You could drag the instrument on you as if u were wearing a hat. Then, you would look like if you were holding it. You could also play it! Maybe even hear music coming out!
Hope you guys like this idea xD
(D major for Treble Clef start)D>E>F>G>A>B>C>D>E>F>G>A and the sharp key press # flat key press *
Includes:Violin,Piano,Accordion,French Horn,Flute,Trumpet,Viola,Cello,Guitar Credit-Cupcake88

31:Pjs jump on mannequin:Mannequin equip it can jump :o Credit-Lucas The Spider

32:Push and Pull Blocks:It would be really great if there were pistons in CC. This would be great in machinery and stuffs you can think of. Like a DIY doorway :D Credit-007 Awesome 007

33:More weather stamps:I think there should be more weather stamps like maybe a spring blossom weather stamp that makes blossoms float down the screen or a fall leaf stamp causing leafs to float down the screen any other ideas? Credit-Pickles2001

34:Anti Jumpman/Speed Demon block:When placed, choose either Speed Demon or Jumpman, when selected all player's Speed Demon/Jumpman will be disabled. Credit-iBunniezilla

35:Mute bumper:like gather bumper,you can select one player or everyone muted in your realm

36:Health:Currently hearts heal when leaving to the overworld and lobbies.
It seems people want regening hearts when leaving realms in general.
solution would be to tie health regen with the "Parkour" selector in realm set-up. The "PVP" option in the realm set-up already declares if pvp should be enabled in a realm and this causes no issues for those who wish to make a PVP realm. Back to my solution, by putting health regen in with "Parkour" the owner of the realm has full control of how they wish to go forth with their parkour realm. If even needed the health regen could get its own option in set-up to really solve this issue. Both parties are happy! :) Credit-raidanz

37:Clan search button:1:You can search a clan you want and it has recommended clans for you<3
2:When you wanna rank somebody into a higher rank or lower rank and have like thousands of people in your clan and that person is all the way at the bottom! so why not add search button in clanstone Credit-OrangeTail

38:Holla:There are times when I am building or trying to have a conversation with friends and I think to myself....all those hollas are bothering me! You probably feel the same at times and while there is an option in the parental controls to use it is easy to forget about reversing it back. I think it would be nice if there was a bumper or in game command where I could hide the hollas and they turn back on when leaving a room/realm. It would be a nice feature to see Credit-GreyCoralKing

39:Rainbow pack:With Easter came a wonderful addition, the rainbow blocks. I know that the original attention for them was to be used to construct rainbows, hence why only an x-amount were given per pack in low quantities. However the versatility of the rainbow blocks shows that they can be used on a much broader scale, a good example being Meg's pixel art. That is why I propose a block pack be released that contains solely the rainbow blocks for say 2c each much like the Sculptey packs. It also would be nice if it was not holiday exclusive either. At the current junction of time rainbow blocks are really expensive and even if a person has large sums of cash to toss around it can be a challenge to obtain a decent amount of a desired block. I believe that this being a voxel based game and the support that the devs give to players it is their responsibility to encourage and foster creativity. With the rainbow blocks being a strong candidate for this endeavor, thus please consider my request ^_^! Credit-GreyCoralKing

40:Strength perk:To mine any of the gems we require bombs, how neat it be if there was a perk added to allow for pulling of gems with no bombs required Credit-GreyCoralKing

41:No weather in mines:we couldn't see anything because of stamps and also the same happened in a forest mine Credit-jad kheirallah

42:Light foam:Simple as that. Use the foam like phantom and fadey, and that object emits light in the dark. It would solve all lighting problems. Why didn't you think of this? D:
And if you need ideas for the recipe, it could be similar to fadey, except needing fairies or fairy dust since they glow maybe? Or mushrooms! Or anything that glows Credit:Mcwolf the Sane



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