a few words for paid parkours

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GUYS THESE GAMES R JUST FOR FUN!? Does everything have to be paid these days!?

The only reason some people win is because of their cubits, Most of the paid parkours dont have a checkpoint block!

so you need to buy the warp food again! what a waste of cubits.

I just want to know peoples opinions:

Are these really scams? Or are they just was of making some kind of private parkour.

This is my opinion: They are scams
Do you think that Paid Parkours are scams?
  1. Are these scams17 votes
    1. Yes, Most Definately
    2. No, I think its not
    3. I cant decide.


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    It hugely depends on the owner's intention

    Most of paid parkours I've seen so far are ranging from upper-medium to hard (My own scale of judging difficulty). They try to make cubits from it, and it's you who decide to pay for it, so you can't blame anyone for that (Unless the owner DO want to rob you in the first place)

    I'm not a fan of paid parkour myself. But since it's allowed, there's nothing to do.

    Here are three tips I can draw from my experience:
    +Be sure that you're good at parkour, because you're going to face great challenges
    +Before paying, check if there's any checkpoint / lifeblocks if possible. I highly recommend avoiding pay-to-play parkours that either has no checkpoint (The you-only-have-one-shot type of courses) or has a life blocks (You never know when you'll die ten times in a row in a simple jump because of lag - I did)
    +Don't rage quit. If you quit, the owner will win. After all, that's why they make these: To make you lose and win cubits (Fairly, not talking about scams here)

    Hope my comment help you and anyone who reads this!
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    End of the day it comes down to player choice. No one if forcing you to pay and play these games. I personally loathe them. I've done 100s of giveaways at the end of my parkour "the bone course". Never charged people for entry.
    So yeah you see a paid parkour just ignore them and go about your day.
    The more people pay for these, the more of them you'll see.
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    Well then guess its time to live my cubic life not playing challenging parkours anymore. unless they are free.
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    TETTT said:

    Well actually I am partially at fault for popularizing this kind of game by making so much drama back in Nov 2017.
    IMO it's not a scam, but if there is no checkpoint by the warpfood block you should just walk away and just ignore it, as gdog has mentioned above.

    Well a while ago i went to this holla saying parkour then could not see a bumper thing or a check
    point all there was, was a Vending machine

    Also Please close
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    Paid parkour is: Horrible
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