basic add-on suggestions!

Hi! I have some Really good suggestion for cubic castles to add in the game! Some of them are suggested and some didnt made it in the game! So first things first

(-1): Spring grass in the recube store!

So this is a thing. I dont really get why this item can only be obtained in the easter pack. Spring grass are natural items and are supposed to be in mines etc, it does not make sence that we haf to pay money for a grass. Like irl. These grass can grow anywhere. So it Suggest that these Things are supposed to be obtained easly. Much more like the " flower lily " this should be in the firest mines too.

(-2):New mines!

So its been a year since we gotten a new mine.dont you think the game needs more mines? New mines can include new blocks and stuffs! And other kind of rescources! With new mines. We can have More Creative use's and a fun way to Use these new items! We could have some new Stuffs like the accelos! Also this might help other builders out there to use new varietys of blocks and make there builds even nicer! I have some mines that i think would be cool! (First) Space mine. (Second) Ocean mine. Althou i wont explain alot of this mines that ive picked because it would need more specific reasons! But this mines do makes sences!

(-3) flowers pack!

In the C store we have alot of varietys of packs! We have the Foam pack! Furniture pack! And all sorts of material related packs! But we dont have a flowers pack! If there was a flower pack i think it would be very helpfull for us to get these common items! flowers are not really easy to get! You would need patience to actully mine a thousand of these! Idk about you, but i think this would be very helpfull!

(-4) add Car's that can be craftable!

In cc the only way to obtain a car is to buy one or wait for a good person to actully give u one! I suggest that there should be craftable cars in any different colours. Like the dorkMobile! we should add a way for Poor peoples to actully obtain cars without Worring about ur C budget! We all should enjoy Racing! Everyone deserves to race >:D -Spooce

(-4) a door furniture that can be open/closed

And yes we do have Doorportals for that but, it takes too much space in small builds/houses we should have a furniture door to make our house/builds even more cooler and can save spaces if ur building a village or so!

sooo thats my suggestions! Let me know if u agree with the suggestions in the comments bellow xP


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