Mighty Suggestions! 2018

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Heyaaa all I opened this new post for all my suggestion of all the future updates of 2018! Heres some!

Valentine Pack
-Wuvva Scarf
-Wuvva Pink Sheep Pet
-Cupid Pet ( A tiny flying qbee cupid pet with halo cupid wings and heart wand
-Love Umbrella ( We got a Love Baloon so why not a love umbrella? Looks like a normal brella but white and with hearts! )

Easter Pack
-Black Bunny Pjs
-Super Pow Egg ( 10,9,8,..3,2,1 POOOFF the egg explode and give Chocolate Bunnies or Eggs, some rabbit ears and more easter blocks)
-Cherry Leaves Stamp ( idea by @*JulieSings*)

Summer Bummer Pack
-Black Uv Shades
-Raimbow Beach Umbrella
-Turtle Pet

April Fools Dirt
-Motley Umbrella ( an elegant motley brella will look so fabolous with motley set )
-Green Baloon
-Blue Baloon
-Yellow Baloon
-Fake Ram Kennel

Thanksgiving Pack
-Hunting Robe
-Toy Wooden Sword (like carry cane)
-More food ( more deco foods )

Halloween Pack
-Death Reaper Costume
-Halloween Speaker (music)
- Withered Jacket and withered pants
-Pumpkin Mobile

Xmas Pack
-No ideas XD


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