What's your favorite pet? :)

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Hey, people of the forums. I was cleaning my storage earlier today and found this old screenshot of mein(not a typo, it sounds like mine when pronounced so why not lol) from one of the collections I've achieved throughout my playings so I thought why not make a thread and share it, I wanna see how many pet lovers are in cubic castles :D .

In my opinion, pets are one of the best features in cubic castles and I have collected each one pet available, except ram that thang too expensive *crying emoji*.
As you can see the picture I uploaded below, each pet has their own food decorations which is very cute awww XD . My favorite pet is of course wuvva pig <3~~
As a male, I am not afraid to admit that my fav colour is pink ;D and everytime my qbee left the wuvva pig too far, it makes this loud squeal and it sounded so sad omg I CAN'T *DYING*

I use glass blocks as flooring because that way, the pet kennels will stand out more and more visible, I'm not being cheap and lazy :V .
The empty slot next to wuvva is a chicken pet which somehow I lost it when I was moving them ... *crying emoji*. I eventually bought one back so im good.

Each of them has their unique name, the 3 little ones at the corner are:-

The three bigger ones are lv49 was named:-
Pork Chop

The two in the line are a lvl0 and a lvl26 are named:-
Oink oink

Pssst, I'll let you guys in a secret, amongst the 8 wuvva pigs, the one I love most is the lvl26 because that's my first wuvva pig in 2016 and also in the right leveled size :D . The rest I bought them during 2017.

That is all, thank you for reading.

P.s. this screenshot was taken before Halloween packs came in, which explains the spider and penguin pet.



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