Midnight Bear's Love Pack Suggestions

♥♥♥ Valentine's Day Items ♥♥♥

♥ Love Fence ♥

This White Fences Would Have Red Hearts On Top Of Each Pole.

♥ Love Sign ♥

This Sign Would Have A Red Heart On It With A Note On The Middle, Where You Can Type A Message.

♥ Heart Chest ♥

A Red Chest With Hearts On It.

♥ Placeable Chocolate Heart ♥

Perfect Item To Make Any Situation Sweeter.

♥ Love Bench ♥

A Bench With Hearts Engraved On The Wood, Perfect For Those Couples. (ADDED!) ♥♥

♥ Wedding Dress ♥

The Wedding Dress Could Come In 2 Pieces The Bodice And The Skirt.

♥ White Tuxedo & Pants ♥

This Clothing Item Looks Just Like The "Suit Jacket" But This One Is White With A Rose Pinned On The Chest, The Pants Are White With Pink Stripes On The Sides.

♥ Half-Hearts Balloon ♥

These Cute Half-Hearts Balloons Come In 2 Pieces, Left And Right... Who Could Be Your Other Half?

♥ Heart Decorations ♥

Like The 'Fiesta Decorations' And 'Xmas Lights' But With Red Hearts.

♥ Love Potion ♥

A Placeable Pink Potion.

♥ Heart Umbrella ♥

A Red Umbrella In The Shape Of A Big Red Heart!

♥ Pink Balloon ♥

A Round Balloon Colored Pink.

♥ Placeable Golden Harp ♥

Soft Music To Keep A Nice Ambience.

♥ Golden Laurel Crown ♥

Even Cupid Needs A Crown.

♥ Teddy Bear Head ♥

A Big Fluffy Brown Teddy Bear Head.

♥ Wuvvva BackPack ♥

A White BackPack With Pink Details And A Red Heart. (ADDED!)

♥ Wuvvva Pants ♥

These Pants Could Go With The First Wuvvva Shirts (Red, Pink & White) The Pants Could Be Those Same Colors With Stripes And A Heart In the Feet

♥ Holdable Daisy Flower ♥

Using The Same Look From The 'Take This Flower' Item.

♥ Wuvva Tree Trunk ♥

A Polka-Dot Tree Trunk With A Heart Carved In It

♥ Wedding Ring Hat ♥

A Giant Ring Used As A Hat, If You Like Then You Shoulda Put A Ring On It. ;)

♥ Sparkling Cider Bottle ♥

A Cider Bottle Meant To Be Placeable

♥ Cupid's Diaper ♥

Smells Just Like Love.

♥ Cupid's Bow ♥

If You Are Hit By An Arrow From This Bow The Floating Hearts Effect Will Appear.
Note:The Arrows Are Infinite

♥ Heart Bikini Top ♥

Let's Get Ready For Summer, With This Lovely Clothing Item.

♥ Heart Eyepatch ♥

Even Pirates Love Valentine's Day

♥ Heart Seeker Marker Blocks ♥

Let's Revive The Seeker Games For Valentine's ♥♥♥

♥ Wuvvva Bear Pet ♥

A Tiny Bear Holding a Heart, There's Nothing Cuter Than That.

♥ Unicorn Pet ♥

A Grey Unicorn With A Rainbow Mane And Pink Eyes

♥ Cupid's CloudMobile ♥

This Fluffy Vehicle Would Make You Feel Like You're Driving On Air.

♥ Love Chariot ♥

A Red And Gold Chariot With No Horses, It's Fueled By LOVE!

♥ Sunset Stamp ♥

The Realm Would Have A Slight Pink Tone And The Sky Would Turn Pink And Slightly Orange.

♥♥♥ New Features ♥♥♥

♥ Daisy Seeds And Rose Seeds ♥

These Seeds Will Grow 1-2 Flowers... The Flowers Can Be Used On Crafting Recipes.
The Recipes Are: 7 Roses/Daisies + String = Rose/Daisy Bouquet.
1 Rose With A Knife = Cut Rose.
10 Roses/Daisies + String + Glue = Rose/Daisy Crown.

♥ Bonding Ring ♥

Give This Item To That Special Person ♥

♥ Bonding Ceremony ♥

Why Not Ask A Special Friend To Join You On A Bonding Ceremony?
Give Them This Special Bonding Ring, They Will Get A Notice Asking If They Want To Bond With You.
If They Accept, You Both Get Some Special Perks, Like...
Heart Swirls Around Your Players Name, Kind Of Like The Patron Swirls.
Everytime Your Bonded Partner Is Around, Your Qbee Will Have Hearts Around, Like The Kissing Booth Effect

What Do You Think? Leave A Comment Telling Me Which Ones You Liked. ♥


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