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I am valyreena. I have been disguising as a different person this months. Carying the depressions i have expierienced as valyreena, i made new friends, and thos friends are even better persons. I met new kinds of peoples, and i am so happy to be their friend now, and As i was making new friends i came up to my old friends and told them who i was, and they were supportive towards my decision. And there was somedays where i saw my enemy's and i was scared.. Anxiety striked me so hardly. Some peoples might not understand me but i"ve been in so much pain.. since i disguised. One day I discussed what my situation is rn or what im feeling. to my friends, and they told me that they understand me, and gaved me some feedbacks and helped me, and now, i am finally Getting out from that disguise. And i know its going to be hard for me to move on! But i will fight trough the end. I am Lady irene. Nixzie. Valyreena. And i will forever be me no matter what happens, and i just wanna say that, it may be hard to Move on etc, but always remember that u have peoples who loves u and support you.. Never change for a person, and if your friends cant understood that. They're not your friend at all, and if you're hurten just like me, i want to say that, it may be hard to move on. Or heal those Wounds in you heart, but you can always Block that wound with love and as soon as you know, your wound will start to heal, i still wonder.. We're just humans. Why do we hurt eachKinds or eachothers.. This christmas. I am hoping for change, i will forgive everyone that hurted me, i will forever share my love <3


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    So glad you made this decision!
    You should always fight back no matter what! <3
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    Aja aja !!!
  • Love this so much Val ^_^! I am happy you are ready to walk the difficult path and maybe your message can help others be inspired to do the same! When you have a lot of talent whether in the real or virtual world people will try to break you due to jealously of your success. They want you on their level and you just have to fight!

    Once long ago in my first build comp an arrogant jerk decided to give me a lecture about how he was a much better builder than I, that I should just give up, and as the comp went on with the multiple rounds he kept trying to break me down. His words could of defeated me but instead I let it set my heart ablaze! The second round I spent six to eight hours a day for a week solid building the Alantean Tale. I crushed him like a bug under my boot, after he saw my second build I don't think he even bothered to try in the third round. My point is turn your negative feelings into fuel to drive your creativity. Sorry Nixie can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh she is dead lol!
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    Stay strong Val! :D
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    Aw, so much love and warmth in this post.
    Succeeding in persuading yourself to "fight back" is never easy, but you did it!
  • ValyreenaValyreena Member
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    Thank you so much to all the supports :)
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    I love your stories ! :D
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    Haha Valy! I knew you can do it ^^
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    We will always be here when you need Val :3
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    All the way!
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    Pain is temporary friendship is forever
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